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Thread: Depression and Anxiety - Quit cold turkey

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    Default Depression and Anxiety - Quit cold turkey

    Hello. It's my first time posting. My name is Jeff and I'm 18.

    I've been smoking marijuana every day for 6 months now, about 2-3 grams a day. In the past month or so I've felt myself become, distant. I just didn't feel myself, I was changing. So I decided to quit. Quitting isn't the problem, I haven't thought about weed since, in fact, I was hanging out with a couple of friends who were smoking weed and I felt no desire to smoke.

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    A couple days ago I had what I feel was an anxiety attack (I've never had an anxiety attack before). Almost right after I started to feel more and more depressed, and the depression is still very, very present. I feel almost as if I can't maintain a constant mood, and even if I'm in a decent mood, I can't keep it because I can't stop focusing on how I feel, and focusing on the depression. Regardless of what I do it wont get out of my head. I feel so distant, alone, scared, like it's never going to go away, like I'm going insane and I'm trying my very best to hold on to reality. I feel hopeless.

    So my question is, do you think me quitting cold turkey is the cause of my depression and anxiety?

    Thanks for reading.

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    I would say it could likely be from quitting smoking, it gets worse before its gets better quitting any drug habit(edited). It could also be that you need a lifestyle change as depression can be lifestyle induced too.
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    Most likely is it part of the withdrawal. I have also spoken to other people who have not smoked for that long, and they also went through withdrawal with anxiety and depression. Just hang in there eventually it will pass.

    How long has it been since you quit?

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    Hey Dave,

    This is common - don't be worried about it, just fight through it. I experienced the same thing when quitting after going through 2 ounces a month during my heavy smoking phase.

    Most of what you are experiencing goes away after the first 2-4 weeks... however I did have flair-ups up until the 10th week.

    Also, I think something important to consider is testosterone.

    While you smoke weed, they say it lowers it, so when you quit, you might see some testosterone spikes.

    This is actually a good thing because testosterone is important for keeping your moods level... and giving you that sense of calm no matter where you are.

    It sounds crazy, but if you masturbate every day (pot addicts tend to get addicted to other stimulants), try and cut that back to once or twice a week & stop looking at porn also. You will be surprised at how much this helps mood control... and also the chicks will go nuts over you. They can sense subconsiously when you are locked and loaded... it's really like night and day. This will help boost your mood in social settings!

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    Quote Originally Posted by ridextreme View Post
    How long has it been since you quit?
    It's been about a week now. Although I have had a couple of puffs when the depression is unbearable.

    Also, just an update. I needed some life changes, so I decided to stay with my mom for a week or two (I was living with my dad and he was being more of a room mate rather than a father). Not to blame him or anything, that's just how we are. I went to get a blood test, an ECG, and a pee test done a few days ago and the results came back that I am a bit low on Vitamin B12, which could be a little part of the depression. I also wen't to the Canadian Mental Health Association (I live in Canada), and I talked to a lady there for about an hour and she taught me some coping skills while I'm going through this and I think I'll be ok. Honestly, I think all of the stuff I'm going through will benefit me in the end positively. For example, I'm going to apply for a few jobs today, I got my school stuff all figured out, I'm getting back to be my old self, and getting back some of the friends I had almost lost because of weed. I'll keep you guys posted, and I thank you for your advice, it truly did help. Cheers guys!

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    Default Day 2 sober

    I've smoked pot for about 4 years straight. There hasn't been a time where I can honestly say that I could pass a urine test. So far my 'withdraws' are:
    *extreme depression
    *irritation (that's to be expected)
    * I can't sleep

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