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Thread: Quitting weed for good

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    Default Quitting weed for good


    I am a 27 year old male who lives in South Arizona. I have been chronically smoking weed for about 8 years since sophomore year of college. I am finally trying to quit for good.

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    At first I started smoking with friends who I hung out with 2-3 times a week. Then I started to hang out with these friends daily; we would go out to drink and smoke almost every day. I was still doing well in school so I didn't think much of it. After the school year I started to buy weed on my own have been steadily using more, especially in graduate school. Along the way my relationships with my parents has been troubled and I no longer have any close friends who do not smoke weed. Not surprisingly my love life is currently non-existent.

    The worst part is all of these problems is how they came slowly over time and I did nothing to stop it and just smoked more weed. Smoking weed right now helps me forget my life which I dislike but it's also the reason for it.

    I started to smoke weed because I was insecure and I didn't like who I was. Looking back now I really miss the old me and want him to come back.

    Thanks all for your support,

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    I used weed to forget about life too and like you said its a cycle because its also partly the cause. Dont worry you can eventually get your life back I am in the very early stages of this myself. Im 21 and was a much stronger person I think when I was 14. I let my life slowly unwind and it turned into a big waste of time getting high and avoiding problems. If you can find some sober friends that would be great I was lucky enough to have a few of those even though I was a stoner. Im trying to get the old me back also and the first step is quitting the green, but it will take good time, but you can do this man.

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