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Thread: Starting Over

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    Cool Starting Over

    Hey Everyone,

    I think most of you know my story. For those that don't, let me enlighten you. I was able to stop smoking weed for 33 days but ended up relapsing the evening of Day 33. After relapsing I went right back to where I was prior to my 33 days sober. I started smoking all day again, first thing in the morning and last thing at night. My healthy diet and workout regimen went right out the window. In addition my personality changed as a result of smoking weed all day long. I became lazy, anti-social, lethargic, much less energetic, and overall just didn't really feel like doing anything (unless it pertained to weed or food). My relapse lasted 12 days exactly and now I'm giving sobriety another try.

    So, here it is! Day 1

    I woke up bright and early today at 5AM. Made and drank what is likely to be one of my last coffees (I say this because the last time I went sober I ended up quitting coffee). Its still early, around 620 AM. I've got a long day ahead of me!

    I expect today to be tough. Some of the things I'm not looking forward to...

    "Bordem" - I put this in quotes because its more like faux-bordem since it dissipates in a couple weeks.
    Bursts of Energy
    Mood Swings: anger, depression, sadness, etc

    Though today will be tough there is a lot to look forward to in the long term, like...

    Mental Clarity, improved attention span, stronger short term memory
    Being more Social, Motivated, Energetic, Talkative, Focused, Engaged, Assertive, and Happy
    Eating Healthy
    Working out (I started to crave working out)

    I think its important to outline some things that I won't miss about smoking weed all day. Some of the things I won't miss are...

    Sitting on the couch all day
    Being lazy
    Eating cookies, ice cream, cheeseburgers, French fries, burritos, etc etc. (One day I literally just smoked weed and ate cookies all day. WTF)
    Playing video games
    Watching TV & Movies
    Not being motivated to do anything, even the simplest tasks; Take out the trash, do dishes, check the mail, vacuum, cook dinner or lunch, etc.
    Lacking the urge to socialize
    Spending money on weed
    Feeling depressed (I didn't feel this way all the time but I think we all hit the low point every now and then when smoking weed. Its easy to get down on yourself)

    Well, I'm sure there is a lot more I could add to the "things I won't miss" list but I think that covers most of it.

    So here I go, Day 1 of being sober... again.

    I know it probably sounds corny but I actually feel like this time is a bit different. I know what to expect in regards to withdrawals and duration of withdrawals. In addition I also know what to expect when the withdrawals are over which is what I'm really looking forward to

    Alright guys, I'm done ranting!

    Here I Go...
    Check out my Quit Journal - Starting Over

    Sober since 7/7/2013

    Read my first attempt at quitting weed, 33 days sober - Day 1(again)

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    great job, itry! Sorry about the intense rambling on my personal messages last night- I hear what you were saying I know each of us has to do it for ourselves and you can't give me any magic answers!
    I am proud of you for getting back on it. I am curious to hear how your quit will be different this time- if it will be easier or not.

    I am here on what could be day 1 if I throw away my bag. I haven't smoked yet and still WANT to quit but am not sure I have the courage . . . . anyway- great job on getting back to sobriety.

    I was thinking about the creative thing you mentioned and I think likely it just takes a long time for that part of one's brain to regenerate- after all that constant dopamine., I like tothink evenbtually creativity comes back. Keep us postes! I think many of us who are struggling with this awful addiction get lots of inspiration from those yof you who climb your way out- it gives us hope that we can do it to.

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    Good Morning, Day 2

    Yesterday was not as difficult as I thought it would be. Sure I had some cravings and "bordem" but I was able to keep myself busy for most of the day so it wasn't too bad. In fact, my last "Day 1" which was 40+ days ago was much more difficult to get through. I suppose that was because I went from smoking 30+ times a day to being sober- that's a big change.

    I got a ton of stuff done yesterday. I shampooed my dining room and living room carpets, cleaned the whole house, did dishes, took out a bunch of trash, and more. I watched a pretty cool movie called "Shooter". I made lunch and ended up grabbing what would be my last meal of fast food with my girlfriend last night.

    I didn't experience any drastic mood swings, no anger, no sadness, no feelings of depression. I'm not saying I'm in the clear as I anticipate these feelings creeping up at some point and of course when they do I'll let you guys know.

    As for today, I think I'll shampoo the bedroom carpet and finish doing some misc. cleaning. Maybe I'll take a walk after that... so long as the sun comes out!

    Good luck to everyone in their quitting processes, stay strong!
    Check out my Quit Journal - Starting Over

    Sober since 7/7/2013

    Read my first attempt at quitting weed, 33 days sober - Day 1(again)

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    You are definitely underestimating it , the third month is the true danger zone, you were right there you really needed to get through that storm, every relapse will just make quitting that much harder, I'm around 75-90 days and its like a roller coaster , one day you are fine the next you are are seeking for it, if you don't cut all contacts and possible ways to get it you are doomed to fail

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    Here is Day 3

    Yesterday was alright. I was able to get a bunch of things done: worked out, shampooed the bedroom carpet, cleaned some more, and then just hung around the house.

    I did have one craving last night around 6/7pm, more of a thought than a craving. I thought to myself, "if I had some weed right now, I'd smoke it". LOL, good thing I didn't have any weed! But like I said, it was just a thought and a fleeting thought at that. Here one moment and gone the next.

    So far things are going well. This is definitely not as hard as last time.
    Check out my Quit Journal - Starting Over

    Sober since 7/7/2013

    Read my first attempt at quitting weed, 33 days sober - Day 1(again)

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    Reason you are feeling fine is because you just dosed your brain again, it has not started to readjust to being deprived of the drug. Addiction is something you have to fight your whole life, it doesn't magically go away after a few days.it gets easier after about 6-7 months though ,

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    It´s funny you mention the third month being the true danger zone ´cause it is.. last year I quit smoking but I only lasted 3 months exactly,.. then I went back to it until 3 weeks ago, I´m sober again but my journey is barely begining ... AGAIN ... ups and downs, the whole thing, but this time I really wanna do it for good... the first time I quitted I did it thinking it was just a temporary break, and I was wrong, now I never wanna do it again but it´s gonna be tough.

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    1-800-662-HELP (4357)

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