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Thread: Quitting journal

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    Hi. I am quitting smoking weed. I am a daily smoker, who is really trying to quit this time. I have tried the past couple months but never got pass day two or three. But being on this site seems to help. I just didn't smoke everyday but also many times throughout the day. Weed is a big part of my life but I hate it.
    Today was day 1 of me quitting which has gone a lot better than the previous attempts. My mom smokes which made it a little hard but I just walked out the room. I tried to keep myself busy today but it was at the end of work in which I really wanted a hit so I decided to write on here. I don't have much support in quitting but I know if I quit, it will be better for me. It's just so hard at times. I really hope the craving stop soon.

    I welcome positive comments.... I need them

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    Hey there! Hang in there. It's hard but you are making the best decision for yourself. I am finishing another day 1. Hoping this time sticks. How Long have you been smoking? I think it wi be really hard living with your mom still smoking. Does she support you? Maybe she can join your journey? Keep it up and stay strong!

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    Even if you break down still try and go a few days without smoking, and then another few days, if you do break down, smoke less, just one hit, smoke weaker weed. Not to discourage you from going cold turkey, but if its not working and you can cut down by 90% for awhile then maybe the last 10% will be an easier step. But at some point you are going to have to face some tough days.

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    Hey there. Hope you're still hanging in there. There is no way I could quit if it were in my house. I think you need to evaluated your living situation if you are unsuccessful in your quit or maybe ask your mom to abstain for a while. If neither of those are options, we will support you here but I can't imagine having it around. I had to get rid of even my bowls and bongs or I would scrape them for resin and it would just remind me of pot looking at them. ANyways, hope youre doing well.

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