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Thread: In The Company Of Strangers

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    Does anyone agree with the idea that going to a detox/rehab facility that is far away from where a person lives is a good thing. Some people say it is because then you would be around people you don't know, in a location you don't know anything about and not around all the temptations that come with those things. On the other hand though, you would be further away from family support. Some people really need that to help them out with kicking addictions so it is something important to consider. Which do you think is better? Staying local with treatment or being in the company of strangers?

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    I think getting treatment farther away from home would be the key. If you need help to kick your addiction then your family did not help you when you were home. I would think you would have better luck being treated farther away from home. Sometimes it takes tough love to beat an addiction. I’m not saying that your family and parents can’t come and visit but they don’t need to be so close that they can come all the time. If you feel like you are on your own then you will work harder to beat the addiction and get home.

    I think others get treatment far away from home because they don’t want others to know they are getting treatment. It is more of a social stigma type of deal. It isn’t about where you are treated and if your family is close, it is about going where people don’t know you.

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