Hey guys, just wanted to say hi to everyone, this sunday Iīll be 3 weeks completely off weed and Iīm feeling better each day that passes on... it hasnīt been easy, the first 2 weeks were kinda awful, I had a lot of anxiety and panic attacks, I was scared all the time, stressed out and very nervous but I got psychiatric help and still following a treatment for anxiety but itīs lowering the dose īcause Iīm needing it less every day so itīs going great.

Last night I cried and left it all out, it really helped and relieved me so much, Iīve also been doing research about doing a good diet, which for me just means eating healthy and balanced, I found this article and without even knowing it I have been following pretty much all these tips like:
- Drinking a lot of water to keep your body hidrated
- Take vitamins
- Drink lots of lemon juice for vitamin C and also cranberry juice and green tea
- Eat a lot of fruits and vegetables
- Avoid junk food
- Take all food that contain vitamin B-3
- Eat fiber and keep my metabolism working, trying to eat small portions all through the day, I read it helps to the THC detox process
(Of course donīt abuse any of those things) .. as for exercise I would love to do some but I canīt because of my job, donīt really have time, but Iīm always on the move anyway so itīs ok
Also keep in mind everything is a process and eliminating all the THC from your body could take some time, so take it easy...

I think the best thing to do is generally to eat healthy, think possitive and remember it all pretty much has to do with mental power, mind and will control, keeping motivation high and also to keep in mind how beautiful it is to live a free life, free of addictions which in the end become chains that can really hold you down.

For assistance with finding a reputable and accredited Marijuana Rehab Service Provider in the USA you can call the US Government’s FREE SAMHSA’s National Helpline on:

1-800-662-HELP (4357)

I personally like challenges and I like to face all my fears and temptations... I still support weed you know, and people who wish to use it, but as for me itīs over, and thatīs all, I still enjoy what can be consider like "triggers" to go back to an addiction but I think Iīm strong enough, although I know thereīs still a long way to go yet, the most Iīve been off weed I think itīs 3 months, that was last year but I started smoking again.. this time my goal is forever, I know Iīm gonna face new challenges once I conquer 3 months again, I donīt know if Iīll probably crave it again, but this time Iīll be prepared, Iīll be ready, and Iīll be strong, Iīm feeling determinated because, as one song I love says, "with the power of conviction there is NO sacrifice".

I do have friends who still smoke but theyīre cool enough to respect my decision and even help me through but it depends on everyoneīs situation to carry on with friends or dealers, Iīm just talking for myself... I even gave my pipes, weed, bongs and everything to them.

My girlfriend supports me 100%, sheīs been so patient and nice to me, she doesnīt smoke and sheīs helped me entirely, that have helped me.

We all can find lots of valuable things inside of us and outside in the real world, maybe itīs not all sunshine and flowers, but itīs worth living it, pushing hard, and just going ahead with life. It also helps to discover a whole world around you, thereīs so much beautiful people, family, friends, lovers (and yeah SEX, why not? hehe) ..art, music, books, movies, videogames, traveling to do, treats, desserts, excercise, whatever floats your boat you know, a lot of activities that can really fill your entire world without needing to smoke to enjoy emī, everything starts getting so clear, just enjoy life.

I would love to hear a word from any of you and share stories, I wish you well and may the Force be with you always guys, this CAN be done and there is always a way to feel better; I had smoked since almost 13 years but now I had stop and this time I know itīs for good, stay strong!