Well.. as I´m considering this to be some sort of a journal in my way to detox from weed I wanted to share I am feeling so much better, the anxiety is going down... today I´m exactly 3 weeks since the last time I smoked.. I did quit cold turkey but one or maybe three weeks before I had slowed down in smoking ´cause I was feeling paranoid and felt fast heartbeats, or at least they were freaking me out until the last day I smoked, .. it was saturday morning, exactly on february the 8th, I was making breakfast and quickly rushed into my pipe for a hit, so I did, it was just one hit and then like 10 minutes later I felt my heart pumping like crazy, I felt it so hard I got really freaked out, I was alone in the house and was so freaked, I took a hot shower, I laid down, until the ´high´ finally passed, but it felt like forever... I couldn´t even take my breakfast, I guess that was my wake up call... by the next day I didn´t smoke but I ate bacon and felt like I was high again, I figured it´s because of the THC going to your fat cells so I was freaked too, I thought I was gonna have a heart attack!!...then I calmed down, although since then I´ve been so scared and avoiding fat food, now that I feel I´ve cleaned myself a little bit I´ve been eating better, well, I have been on a healthy diet, I´ve taken vitamins, lots of water, cranberry juice, green tea and no junk food at all, so I can clean myself faster... meanwhile I got my withdraw with a lot of anxiety but thanks to psychiatric help Im getting through and very soon I won´t need any meds.. which I´m only taking a real small dose for anxiety, but the dose has been lowering according to my doctor´s directions...

My point in this post is that my head is clear and feeling good, yes... I´ve been getting weird dreams and some headaches but it´s all getting better.. before I used to smoke to ´enhance´ every activity I did, watching tv, movies, music, whatever, but now that I´m not smoking I´m realizing I can do all those things without getting high and that´s so great..

Well, that´s all for today, I´ll be writing more here, thanks to cannabis-rehab! stay strong everyone!

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