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Thread: 20 years old - staying quit of weed, day 5 after daily smoking for the past two years

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    Thumbs up 20 years old - staying quit of weed, day 5 after daily smoking for the past two years

    So to start, let me state now I'm new to forums, and never done anything like this, so be nice!

    I'm a twenty year old male and I had my first joint as a 14/15 year old "bad boy rebel" behind the bike sheds at school, I never smoked a lot when I was young in fact hardly ever & when I did I didn't even know how to smoke, the joints were rolled so poorly we probably didn't even get high :')

    I started smoking weed regularly after my first experience of heartbreak when I was 16 At first I loved weed. It helped me move on, forget, erase all the bad memories, it took me out've the slumped state I was in, my friends & family could see the improvement in me, I was my 'normal' self again. I've never really been a real drinker and at first I didn't see smoking a problem, I thought it was more of a solution.

    My dad has smoked weed for as long as I can remember so I felt assured and I never saw any disadvantages other than the price of weed. After I left school none of my close friends or past ex-girlfriends smoked pot, so I hid it from them for years. It didn't take long to get hooked on pot, I could still function, do my job and I was no longer moping about all day. At first I would have a couple of joints over night times but soon escalated to more and more and more.

    I realised weed was becoming a problem last year, when I found myself regularly breaking up with girlfriends over commitment issues, I saw my closest friends less and less. it got to the stage where I would finish work go to my 'stoner friends' houses for a few hours to pick up an eighth, smoke a few J's to then go home and sit in my room on my own to get high. I even started skipping family occasions just to sit and get high by myself, I was on a pretty decent wage and almost all of it seemed to go on weed. It got to the stage where I didn't think, a once reasonably bright happy go lucky lad turned into a red-eyed, robot without the ability to think clearly. It wasn't until I was out of a weed for a few days that I realised how much of a problem I had. Something had to change, and it has... So far.

    I've now gone 5 days without a joint, I know it doesn't sound like a lot but it has been torture for me and I hope it gets easier. Day 1, 2 and 3 were horrendously hard, especially living with my dad with a constant smell of piff throughout the house. To me it all seems to be in the mind. I found sleep on day 1 and 2 nearly impossible but the glimpses of sleep that got I started to dream again, vivid dreams which were nice, I can't remember the last dream I had and almost felt like a high on its self. Nights were and still are hot and sweaty. I also had pretty bad headaches on day 1, 2 and 3.

    I still haven't got my appetite back, and I still feel anxious and some days depressed but I have been trying to keep myself busy and from smoking tailor made cigarettes I have now moved to roll ups so I can keep my hands busy.

    Today things seem a little easier I had a nice nights sleep last night and today my cravings for a Joint don't seem so strong and I have been putting myself to the test, I have rolled my dads joints for him smelt them and gave them to him without smoking which strangely some how seems to help.

    Tomorrow will be day 6, and I hope I can stay quit for months and years to come.

    For assistance with finding a reputable and accredited Marijuana Rehab Service Provider in the USA you can call the US Government’s FREE SAMHSA’s National Helpline on:

    1-800-662-HELP (4357)

    I'm not entirely sure why I've wrote this post, but It seems to help me, and I hope it can help at least one person.

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    I know just how you feel, bro. I'm 20 as well, and have been smoking since 14, cigs and weed. I have quit weed and cigarettes for about 3 days now, and have been telling myself that I need to quit for at least a month, maybe two. I'm quitting cigarettes as well, cold turkey on both, and so far I've just stayed at home, where I don't have paraphernalia or weed, and I don't have money for weed either. It is currently 3AM in Chicago, and I can't sleep, I'd attribute that to the insomnia! It's good to know I'm not alone in this instant in all the negative crap that comes with trying to quit. I'd urge you to try quitting cigarettes simultaneously if you can, not inhaling any smoke into our lungs can only be a positive, and the side effects of cigs are pretty nasty with regards to psyche and appearance from what I've read. I'm reading up on how long it will take to feel "normal" again, and a lot of people are saying it took them between 3 and 9 months, even a year, before the mental fog went away, before they felt "sharp" again. That is my main goal, is to regain the mental clarity that I had before I ever smoked. Two summers ago I quit for around 3 months, and I don't think I was quite there. Good luck to you, maybe we can help talk each other through this!

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    Its a right decision you've made and testing yourself then you'll resist it is a good progress. Its all on your willpower to recover no matter how long it is to take. Smoking weed gives you an escape to reality but at the end reality is still there and a bigger problem is come to deal with. Letting out how you feel just even here makes makes you more comfortable coping with your condition. A lot of people will understand you here. Just continue what your doing and in no time you're gonna have your normal life back.

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    I have to say that for me that first week was the hardest part. I didn't sleep much at all and spent a lot of time thinking about smoking. After the second week though I turned a real corner mentally and everything started slotting into place and the cravings started letting up so I urge you to continue as it definitely gets better.

    I smoked daily for about 16 years and after about two weeks of quitting I started to feel myself again and the whole brain fog cleared for me so it doesn't have to take month and months. As I have said in many other posts though I did a lot of exercise so I could speed up the process of getting the THC out of my body(a lot is stored in fat cells) and the endorphins released made me feel pretty positive.

    I agree with clean sweep though in terms of quitting cigarettes too. I'm not sure how much of the withdrawal symptoms I was getting were from quitting weed or from quitting cigarettes. Either way I feel tons better now

    And incidentally five days in is absolutely not nothing. It's a huge achievement if you're used to smoking every day and as I said before the first part is the hardest.

    Oh and by the way, once you're body starts producing serotonin again for itself, you will start sleeping better probably than you've ever done before.

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    Well done mate, 6 days is some going and in my experience you have almost overcome the toughest hurdle which is the first week. I am now on day 40 after 16 years of smoking and it does get easier after day 15 or so. I hope you keep up the good work & congrats for coming so far.

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    Default quitting weed smoke

    I am 29 now, ive been smoking since 17, ive quit once for 8 months then fell right back into,i do believe it is a mental situation, i still smoke to this day, over 10 blunts a day, mayb even more if its around..im to the point nw, where i want to quit, fully..its hard tho,even though im married with 3 children..all the reason in the world i hv to quit is in my household with me, but yet, it seems even harder to stop..i need to get it together.

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