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Thread: Cant stop smoking Weed

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    Default Cant stop smoking Weed

    Hi everyone, im new here. I dont really know how to start this post... anyways, i've been a daily smoker for a little over 10 years now and this has got to stop. I've always told myself that when I turn 25 I will grow up, move my PC out of my Bedroom, stop getting high, maybe get my own car (im european). The closer this date comes the more I fear that I wont make the stop getting high part and thats why i thought i should maybe start now.

    I really dont know why im still getting high so often. I tell myself every day that this cannot continue and then i'll roll one up, smoke it and go to work. now Im here at work, writing this post and even though I have so much motivation for this endeavor, I know as soon as i get home in a couple of hours I wont be able to hold myself back. Am I a case for professional help? or do I just lack discipline?
    How do you guys do it? like really! atm all I see is this unbeatable problem.

    ill keep this thread "active" for the day ill actually do stop smoking. I want it to be tonight but im not seeing it at all.

    thanks for anyone reading this.

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    Hey Sky Captain, yea it's a ***** to make the decision and hold fast. I would encourage you to try some L -Theanine supplements. Sun Theanine brand is the most potent. It is basically green tea extract, and it does help with the Anxiety. The initial 24-48 hours are the worst. After that it gets some easier. What worked for me the last time was first getting rid of all the associated kit. Once that was done I physically rearranged my place so that it looked totally different. Habit is seeing the same thing everyday it reminds you and makes you miss it more. If you can coincide all that with a trip away for a few days preferably camping or some variant. That is money. No distractions, take some stuff to read and a friend for support if you have some that don't get high. Getting in shape was the real hammer for me though. Strict regimen cardio and lifting. That and this forum. Support is crucial, no man is an island. I hope this helps. Rage my good man, your life is waiting.

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    Sky Captain,

    Thank you for sharing this. I feel very similarly. I have so much motivation to stop smoking & end up falling into the routine. During the periods I have quit (ranging from weeks to months), I found it immensely helpful to turn up the volume of my inner voice that wants me to quit & believes in me to follow through. I'm in the same situation now where I want to quit (again), but feel trapped in the belief that no matter what I do I'll keep smoking. There will be setbacks, relapse, etc. and when I prepare for those regressions, treat myself compassionately and understand that it's the natural process of change, I find it much easier to continue forward. For example, last Friday I was SO motivated to not smoke over the weekend and do productive things around the house. Instead, I was stoned almost the entire weekend. Today I'm sitting (also at work) with a lot of guilt around "wasting" my own time. There were reasons for my smoking and I didn't take the precautions (change the environment, be mentally prepared, re-direct myself, etc.) needed to help myself NOT smoke. So while I naturally feel guilt, I also try to treat myself with kindness and understanding.

    Thank you for the chance to connect and I wish you the best in your recovery.

    And thank you Catalyst, those suggestions are helpful for me also.

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