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Thread: day 4 of taper/withdrawals

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    unregistered Cannabis Rehab Guest

    Default day 4 of taper/withdrawals

    Hello everyone. Ive been reading here for a few days getting inspiration to quit, here's my info.
    Im 27, 5'11" 150 lbs.. smoked almost all day everyday since 2011 ive quit here and there most time being a month and a half. Back in 2012 i was smoking 3 ozs every 3 weeks. Up untill a week ago i was smoking 1-2 bowls a day for a few days.now for 4 days I've only been taking hits, last night I waited till 8pm to smoke, loaded a bowl, got high I haven't slept good in 4 days, slept a nice 3 hours and woke up every 15 mins from there.. seeing how ive dropped my intake so much from a few bowls a day to a few small pipe hits (minus the bowl last night to sleep) Will I have less severe withdrawals and how long for once I stop? i would take 4 big lung killers out of my bong, as i woke and would maintain my high everyday. I wouldnt get high anymore. but ive pushed back to only night and the other 3 days i only took 3 small hits. Pipe now stopped with the bong a few days ago. I still have my sack left, a half oz of ak47. But I have self control, used to look like not enough weed to me. Now that ive cut back its like. Why do I have so fkn much? Lol... What im asking is how much longer till this will subside? The lack of sleep and sweating as soon as I pull my sheets over me is getting to me. How long left on my detox until im normal if I stopped today? Do I have a head start compared to most because of how much ive decreased? Or am i still in for a week of even worse sleep (not even possible..I thought)I get anxious throughout the day but have welbutrin to quit smoking & as a mood stabilizer. And im waiting on my temazapam to get here in the next day or 2.. I Will gladly post back here like a journal to help others! We can do this together. (I couldn't quit on my own. Praying to Jesus has made me want to change and take my life back.)
    Here's to a new lifestyle, completely drug free.
    Thank you all for your time & support.
    Best regards. Mike

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    marcus Cannabis Rehab Guest


    Ok so yesterday was tough. But im hang in on.. I only took 3 small hits last night to alleviate the depression and feeling of hopelessness. So I got my temazapam and I think im going to be fine now. Feels good. But I walked today 7miles and around mile 4 it started raining on me. But the whole time I didn't think about weed. Been getting back in shape. Doing pushups whenever im "feeding" I think the euphoria is replacing the weed. When I see the half oz im proud of myself. Because thatd be gone in 5-7 days normally. Well I guess ill keep posting here. Even though no replies to maybe help people out. Stay strong people. -Marcus
    (MOD can u fix the name from mike to marcus on the 1st post, Auto corrected. Thanks)

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    marcus Cannabis Rehab Guest


    So its been 36 hours since my last toke.
    I tapered from a half oz weekly to this. For 4 days i pushed my smoking times. Instead of all day everyday from the second I woke. I would smoke around 2pm one day then at night 1 hit for bed, the next day I made it till 8pm and the following day as well. Once I got over going 24 hours without Its been helping the anxiety, hopelessness, and all the other things that kept me from recovering. I still get a little warm during the day but the sleeping pills have helped me. Not even one reply, even to a woman who will be homeless I came here for support and never got it, but I hope my words can support many. Hang in there guys. The worst part is my brain feels blocked. I start to remember things I have long forgot, theres a wall or fog their. I cant learn anything new at a job unless its shown to me 10 times. I'm sure my brain will come back as my vocabulary has, just has to adjust to finally being able to think clearly without bud in my system. Praying to Jesus has helped me tremendously As well. May you all get the relief of marijuana that you seek. I will continue to post my changes to help others.

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    hey Marcus,

    first of all congrats!
    I stopped smoking cold turkey and if i know it gave me so many problems i shouldnt do it again.
    But no i wont touch it again.
    After one week my problems started (see my post stopped for 3.5 weeks).
    I surly dont know how you will react on stopping of weed.
    The best way is cold turkey, but if you know for yourself you only take it when your brains realy need it is ok i quess.
    Keep lowering the amount of weed and the amount of puffs.
    And realy only take it when you think i cant hold it any longer.
    so maybe something like this:
    day 1: 3 puffs.
    day 2: 0 puff
    day 3: 0 puff
    day 4: 2 puffs
    day 5: 0 puff
    day 6: 0 puff
    day 7: 1 puff
    day 8: 0 puff
    day 9: 0 puff
    day 10: 1 puff.
    day 11: stop smoking.
    Its just a table you should use it on your own feeling.
    Again Cold Turkey is the best way.

    Keep writing here.
    If i see you again i will try to react.
    Busy work work work so i hope i wont forget it.
    See my post for some advise.
    Also i think Walking and pushups are a good way to concentrate on something else.
    Go with a friend to a spa or something.
    Dont do anything what you dont wanna do (execept things like working and stuff).

    Hope you will hang in there and stay sober.
    Remember your not alone!

    Greetings Tom

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    Marcus Cannabis Rehab Guest


    Thank you Tom. I understand cold turkey is the way to go, but ive got a mental condition that comes out and I get angry at everyone, suicidal, the works. From combat; I have Post traumatic stress. Last night I took 4 hits just because my girl started fighting with me. I hate the way weed makes me feel now. When I was high I felt completely stuck on stupid. I went almost 48 hours without a hit. So from 11 last night to now i have less than 12 hours. Makes me mad that I hit it. And I can tell you all and myself. The drug has lost its fun for me. I expect 3-6 months until this haze/fog is lifted and my short term recovers. My girl could be next to me telling me what to order from a drive threw and ill forget instantly. My iq is 138 the last time I was tested in 06. Each day that passes my extensive vocabulary slowly but surely comes back. I shall not faulter to this drug. God bless. And thanks for the reply Tom

    Its only 1day. I smoked probably .08 grams not even half a gram (.50) should this affect my recovery? I haven't been feending. The bud is right in front of me as I type but I don't care, nor do I crave it or pop it open just to smell it like I did. I think ive finally overcome the mental part(not all but the "jonesing" part) this is like a journal for me and helps me remember. I hope my story will be an insperation to anyone willing to quit. I wish you all the best in your new life style choices.

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    Hey Marcus,

    i have no clue in most cases cause i stoped on cold turkey.
    I can tell you one thing i was on holiday to Turkije and i coulnt smoke weed there.
    It was a shot 6 day trip.
    because i wasnt thinking about stopping i was dieing for weed.
    day 4,5 and 6 where so hard.

    When i got back in holland i smoked more then i every did and was staying on that level.
    couple of months later i stopped again for one week but i wasnt realy behind it cause of a friend that was stopping.
    I had at that moment for myself no reason to stop.
    After i found out the friend that was stopped, smoked again the use level increased again and i stay on that level (3 joints a night).

    After some months my body and brains wasnt functional anymore.
    That was the moment i was 99% behind my dission to stop smoking.
    after a week i got the psyco effect and that made me 100% standing behind it.

    What i am trying to tell you is that if you lower your weed use you can fall back way more than your using now.
    But you say you have a mental condition i dont know about that cause i dont have that.
    I only am depressed sometimes.
    Before my weed usage when i was depressed i sleep one night, wake up no depression.
    Now i am depressed alot but that will also fade away.
    Its getting less each day and some days are a little harder then others.
    You maybe should put some weed far away in the bushes or something that if you realy need some weed you can get 1 stick.
    If you have weed all around you i dont think thats the best stopping succes.

    Also keep away from things that give you stress.
    Your brains getting more stress of things cause of stopping with weed.
    your brains need to find slowly your balance again to deal with stress.

    Keep up the good work and in no time your off the drugs.


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