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Thread: 15 years and never been clean ! going for total detox cold turkey

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    Default 15 years and never been clean ! going for total detox cold turkey

    hey people been wanting to quit my cannabis habit for years now and im going for it tomorrow !! tried failed many times but joined this group to hopefully get some moral support ! i am going to be posting every night with thaughts and feelings so any advice would be good ! names dan and also want to help other people ! been smoking 15 years smoke everyday night quarter a week ! i do work but cannabis absolutely rules my life ! ill be back with day 1 post ! cheers

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    Hey Dan,
    Props to you for making the step forward and being honest with yourself about smoking.

    I too tried quitting a couple times, but deep down I didn't really want to before. It wasn't until this last time that I knew deep down I wanted to and this was it. You really do have to come to this point to actually quit and stick to it.

    Just read through some threads and I'm sure you'll be able to relate to a lot. Read their symptoms and what they are going through as they quit. I did this and it helped a ton as it let me knew what to expect and has helped me manage these symptoms.

    Just know it's not going to be easy. I'm on a day 7 and still struggle daily, but it's getting easier.

    Again, props to you and I look forwarding to reading your post as reading other peoples posts helps me a ton because what's posted on this site are peoples real, honest to god feelings and you won't get that from talking to someone who does smoke, or someone who doesn't smoke, only people who have recognized they have a problem and aren't living in denial and want to make that step forward.

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    The trick is not to think about the bad parts too much. It's to negative.
    Don't feel like you have be productive or doing better stuff too quick..just get a hold of dealing withthe bad parts and the good bits follow naturally

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    It is an old cliché but you really do need to take one day at a time and as UKRobbo says don't focus too much on the negatives. I am on day 123 now but if you do manage to keep a daily blog on here like I did you can read back for some inspiration when you are having a particular bad day and put it all into perspective rather than being all consumed and going into a negative spiral. Like you I smoked daily for over 15 years and after 4 months without weed feel I am still adjusting although the urges now are very few and far between although I am still wary about being complacent and sometimes find it hard to be in my brothers company when he and his girlfriend are having a smoke but I still do this about every 2 weeks or so and the smell is still tempting but I know I have too much to lose if I have that one drag.

    keep up the good work and I hope you achieve all your goals bro :-)

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