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Thread: Should stop smoking... again

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    Default Should stop smoking... again

    Short back story: Very heavy use over the period of 2 years. 3-5 gram per day, everyday. 3 days of break for the whole period (1 of the days was due to a surgery, and the other one was due to my dealer wasn't in town.)
    According to google 5 grams = 0.0110231 lbs = 0.17637 ounces

    Fact 1: Quitting weed for the first time was the DAMN HARDEST CHALLENGE in my entire life. Sleepless, high depression, can't focus, worst withdrawal effects, and much more.

    Fact 2: I promised myself never to touch it again in my entire life. It wasn't soon after I hited 11 months clean, didn't even manage to make it a full year lol!

    For some reason I started smoking again here and there. I was extremely careful this time, and never allowed myself to smoke 2 days in a row, or more than once in a month. Well, the more you smoke, the more you start allowing yourself. Right now I'm smoking 2 to 3 times per month. Sometimes I make it 2 days in a row, and once in December 2014 I had 6 days in a row.

    Well that sucks big time, I must be retarded. So far no damage, and already being clean for like 10 days. No withdrawal symptoms except for craving it badly at times. Weird marijuana dreams appear from time to time.

    I just managed to get my life back together, my emotions back, some of my friends back, and all of the good stuff that comes after you quit. No idea why started again. Once addicted, always addicted - you can't control this shit. If you are currently addicted, don't even think about taking it from time to time or going recreational. It doesn't work. Guaranteed.

    For assistance with finding a reputable and accredited Marijuana Rehab Service Provider in the USA you can call the US Government’s FREE SAMHSA’s National Helpline on:

    1-800-662-HELP (4357)

    Just wanted to create this thread and get some support and motivation from my old budies (you guys). I don't remember my old username, it was some time ago, but you guys helped me a lot, and Im grateful for this.

    Take care and all the best in your journeys. It's very hard, but it's damn possible, stay strong!

    P.S. As most people ask do withdarawal symptoms go away, do you get back your emotions? - Yes, you get all of that back. Once you get past the withdarawal period, everything is back to normal, but it takes time. I was like 95% back to normal on month 6, and like 99% back at month 11 when I started again. It also depends on how long and how much you have been smoking.

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    Just to mention guys Im already past the 1 month mark, and I'd say things are relatively easy. Sometimes out of nowhere I start thinking about getting 1 more night, then do another month clean, but I understand this isn't how it works out.

    Therefore I had the need to post here guys.

    Im having something big coming my way, and in the past I used weed a lot to "think stuff over", and perhaps this is why it's been a bit harder for the last 2 days.

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