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Thread: My Story So Far, a month and a half clean!

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    Default My Story So Far, a month and a half clean!

    So shortly after christmas i made the final decision which has plagued my mind for many years, to finally quit cannabis,
    for many years smoking cannabis was always an enjoyable experience it relieved me of many of the concerns and worries
    of being a teenager, it helped me be creative and opened my mind to all kind of experiences, i had a social circle to smoke
    with no matter where i was, and it always was a beautiful thing to me.

    After a good period of time i realised it was having a detrimental effect on my life in many aspects, i grew extremely paranoid
    i couldnt go out while being stoned unless i was drunk, so i drank and smoked everytime i went out which obivously led to more problems.
    i would have constant anxiety, i would struggle to have eye contact with people, even my closest friends, i would spent hours
    waiting to pick up, i would allow myself to miss paying rent or bills or debts to people so i could buy weed instead,which once again
    lead to more problems.

    Even though i had all these problems and wanted to overcome them, id still constantly be getting high, even with all the anxiety, depression and paranoia,
    without realising i was self medicating, beyond responsible use, i would smoke spliff after spliff just to be able to sleep, then id wake up and repeat.

    Ive destroyed relationships for in reality putting weed before my partners, i lost jobs because i was stealing or having no interest in the work,
    i would miss seeing my family because i was high or wanted to get high, the very people who raised me and gave me every opportunity in life!

    With every passing day more reason built in my mind would i should quit, so i went ahead and started.

    Now the first month like many people experience is the hardest, i couldnt get any sleep, id wake up covered in sweat and experiencing
    intensely vivid dreams and nightmares, my mood was all over the place, i was struggling to eat, concentrate on even the smallest tasks,
    i had no energy what so ever, i had no motivation atall, i felt like i was on a downward spiral, then things started to get better....

    Certains things that helped me through this diffacult period where, forums like this, vibrant sources of information, people with similar stories!
    I also made it clear to my partner and friends my intentions and luckily they were all understanding and supportive which made things easier,
    another thing i did was keep a diary of my progress, thoughts, feelings etc as a way of letting everything out and a good thing to look back on
    when times get harder or easier, to see how far ive actually come!

    The benefits after the 3rd week for me, i started waking up and getting things done, washing,tidying, exercise, healthy food shopping etc like way
    before i would have woken up had a still been smoking, my guitar playing progressed better, my relationships got stronger, my confidence flew through
    the roof, i would talk to every person who crossed my path, i started treating people better, and as a result people started treating me better!

    Now im at the month and a half point, for the most part i feel great, work is going better, i have more money to do things, i can actually take
    my partner out for an expensive romantic meals, friendships continue to grow and strive!

    However there are still a few issues i need to tackle and i sincerely hope continued abstinence and time will cure,
    I have had days where i still feel down, there less often and less intense but they do concern me, and although sleep is better
    i still wake up several times a night and often do feel tired throughout the day.
    So for thoses who have been through this do you think these problems will remain or after more time will they subside?

    For assistance with finding a reputable and accredited Marijuana Rehab Service Provider in the USA you can call the US Government’s FREE SAMHSA’s National Helpline on:

    1-800-662-HELP (4357)

    I hope this helps people through there detox or anyone who wishes to start, i truely do believe its one of the best decisions
    ive made in my life, i had many good times with mary jane, she is a beautiful plant and many people can go through life without
    any major problems but for me it was different, now im able to grow and learn and start the next chapter of my life.

    Peace, Love & Happiness


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    Thankyou for your post it has been a great comfort to me, i am so happy for you and cannot wait for a month to go by so i can say 'hey i've not smoked for a month'.

    I too was exactly like you,all my money went on weed and all my time was taken up trying to purchase it. Basically i was at the mercy of my dealers.
    Nothing would get in the way of my weed it was all i thought about from the minute i woke up to the minute i went to sleep and if i couldn't get it i was miserable as sin!

    I am very happy for you congratulations keep up the good work.

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