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Thread: Weed and Spirituality = Delusion

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    Default Weed and Spirituality = Delusion

    Before I begin, I want to be clear that my intent here is discuss the dangers of using marijuana as an aid to spiritual development, not to advocate it. As I write this, I am currently on day 7 as a former smoker.

    That being said, I am more than open to discussing both sides. I think this is a discussion that needs to be explored more openly.

    I have been involved in various forms of spirituality and occultism for over 20 years. I've been in a couple magical orders, and have come across a lot of big names in the field. Every time I've had a chance to have a conversation with any of them I've asked them "What is your opinion on marijuana use as an occultist?"

    Nearly all of them respond that it is an absolute no no. None of them have given a consistent response as to why. Some say it leads to delusions of grandeur, others say it has karmic effects, others still say it is impossible to ground the experience into reality, and others say something scary about losing your mind.

    Of course, as a user at the time, I would use these inconsistencies as a reason to discard their opinion. Rationalize, rationalize, rationalize.

    Over the years though, I've spent a lot of time reflecting on the subject. Finally, from a clear headed point of view I've come to my own opinion:

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    I've allowed myself to believe that weed opens up the senses to aspects of reality that are not as readily available. I still do believe that, any of us here can attest to altered state and the perceptions that weed brings. I also believe that these states can be accomplished without it, it just takes a bit more effort. But that effort pays dividends because it is more transformative.

    The part that I'd been ignoring is the extremely negative effects. While weed opens the senses, I believe it also opens the aura. This has 2 main problems: That leaves you vulnerable to influence and suggestion, and also allows your energy (chi, prana, etc.) to constantly leak out.

    The 2nd one I believe is the worst. It is seen in all of the negative effects of using we see all over this site: lack of energy, lack of willpower and motivation, lethargy, laziness, and so on.

    I've noticed a lot of posts in the withdrawal symptoms thread that sound a lot like kundalini syndrome. I believe quitting has not only a psychological and physical effect, but an energetic one as well. After constant use, and never keeping your own energy, we quit and suddenly start to keep our own power. That is a big change, a good one, but big and not to be ignored.

    So, does anyone have any thoughts on the subject?

    Has anyone noticed any spiritually themed changes as a result of quitting?

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    Hi Todd,

    Interesting discussion, thanks for raising it. Not sure if I can add much other than to say that I've leant on God more these last few days than I ever had. I don't sit on a church pew but I've got a personal relationship which helps me get through.

    I agree that smoking the dreaded weed definitely gives me a different perspective on things, aspects of reality that I wouldn't usually notice. I always thought it was positive, enlightening even but am not sure I can say that now looking back.

    I'd also have to agree that it feels like kundalini with enlightenment and to a certain extent bliss - although I really can't say I'm blissful at the moment. I did actually meditate for the first time in ages the other day, not something I usually do and it felt good, positive.

    Each day I feel more energetic compared to my constant stoned state and I feel alive. How are you feeling?

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