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Thread: My journey to quitting weed for good

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    Default My journey to quitting weed for good

    So today is day one. I thought I'd join this rehab group and document my journey to quitting weed once and for all. I have tried quitting several times: each time beating myself up more more because of my inability to quit and my realization that a plant has control of my life and decisions. I've always rationalized it as something that is healthy for you, and actually helps me to concentrate and focus for long periods of time (which is true). However, it is also negatively affected my life in so many ways and the fact that I have to rely on it for positive benefit isn't something I'm comfortable with.

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    This is actually very very difficult for me I hope that this is my very last time quitting and that it lasts a lifetime. I also realize that weed was an escape from reality. I have no friends. I sit in my room for long periods of time in complete and total silence. I also work from home so I don't have an office or environment surrounded by people I can communicate with. Once I smoke weed, that lonely feeling goes away and I go into my own world where I can focus on my work and avoid the negative feelings that are larking in my subconscious mind. Without weed, I feel an extreme sense of loneliness and depression and in fact I think it is also responsible for me isolating myself and having myself in this position in the first place. It is also because most of my friends smoke weed, and when we are not smoking that's all they are thinking about and it seems like having fun is impossible without this drug in my life.

    I hope that there are others out there who can relate to me and that I can talk to throughout this journey to provide me with guidance and help because I really need it. It is not even been 24 hours and I'm already having extreme cravings and sitting here by myself right now is killing me inside. Maybe it's an inability to cope with reality so marijuana becomes a great solution to that. Can anyone else relate? What do you recommend I do? Nobody knows my struggles with marijuana addiction and I kind of want to keep it that way.

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    Hi There Quittingforgood,

    I just read your post and can really relate to what you're going through. How's the journey going for you?

    What you wrote about the dreaded weed making you not feel lonely and going into the zone and getting things done is so very true for me too. So much of what you wrote is as if I wrote it. It feel it's true - smoking does make you isolate yourself.

    I'm on day 1 today but did do 45 days without smoking recently, the first time ever for me and I've smoked for almost 30 years. What helped for me was to take it hour by hour - keep busy and remember that the urges and cravings will pass, hang in there. Maybe trying to find work or a hobby outside of home so you're not so isolated. I found when I was sober that I felt the need to reconnect with people - something I never gave much though to when stoned. Keep on the rehab group and reading others experiences really help too.

    I hope you're ok and wish you luck with your journey.

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