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Thread: How long will it take for me to detox from weed?

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    Ijwtbna Cannabis Rehab Guest

    Default How long will it take for me to detox from weed?

    I quit weed about 2-3 weeks ago, after i had an anxiety attack while having bongs. Since then, i've had an increase in blood pressure, heart palpitations every morning when i wake up, on and off feelings of dizziness/faint, generally feel a bit slow, sluggish and spaced out even though i am sober, my emotions have been up and down, i even had some
    messed up thoughts even though i am usually quite a happy straight thinking person. My first 2 weeks of quitting i had intense sinus pressure in my ears,head and back of eyes but i feel that its slowly going away now. I feel like i am perma-baked or something. How long will it take for me to detox from weed fully? I have been a heavy user for 5 years smoking almost everyday. I know these are withdrawal symptoms but i just want to know how long will it take til i am normal again? I feel like it is ruining my life. I just want to feel normal again.

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    Expansive Cannabis Rehab Guest

    Default 6 months clean

    Hi all, first off I want to thank everyone that has posted on here. It has given me a lot of help going through this extremely difficult time. I smoked for 20 years averaging between 7-14 grams a week. I have always been a highly independent person and I came to the realization that pot was controlling me and not the other way around.
    I am a professional and used to say to myself that it is not affecting my career so what is the problem?
    The problem was that I was a high functioning addict nothing more.
    I read somewhere that pot is a parachute drug and it could not be more accurate. You do not feel the gentle fall to rock bottom. I would have to time family events to coincide with my addiction. Not playing with my child because I was too lazy. Not wanting family around and not going to family events creates a dysfunctional bubble around you that my wife and child were dragged into.
    I am now 6 months free and it has not been easy.
    1st week I thought I was going to crack up mentally.
    2nd week I was barely holding it together as far as insomnia, not eating and just overall feeling like hell.
    After the second week I started getting paranoid that everything in the world is wrong with me physically.
    I would see coloured almost pixels in my vision, sinus problems, lung problems, always thinking I had some form of cancer, anxiety that felt like a tidal wave, eyes not being able to focus, pressure in the eyes and a whole host of other problems that were either real or perceived.
    I still am battling the paranoid effects of my health 6 months out.
    As a long term smoker I have to keep reminding myself that this is the price you pay for long term drug abuse. It is almost like penance. You have to face the music sometime and now is mine.
    On a positive note, I now do not have that subconscious feeling of shame when I am around other parents wondering if they know that I am stoned. I can hold my head up knowing that I am winning not the pot. Just feeling like a normal member of society is the biggest positive that I can say has come from this mental hell of withdrawal.
    It took a while for me to become an addict and it will take a year or two for me to get to a place where I can feel normal again.
    Relax, breathe and realize that it is going to be hell. Don't sugar coat it. It is a hell that you will beat. I think of it as once I truly kick this, nothing can stop me. I will have gone through hell and come out stronger, wiser and a better husband and father.
    My family deserves this for the crap I have put them through. I deserve this.

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    Hey there Expansive,

    Nice to meet you. It's nice to read success stories like yours.

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