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Thread: Alice's quit journal

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    Default trying to work with low dopamine levels

    Feck!! I couldn't be bothered working today. I wish I could spray dopamine into my brain like some kind of refreshing water mist spray.
    I get the sense that my relatively newly increased dosage of medication is moping up every last bit of dopamine in my brain, and it just makes me feel so incredibly lethargic.
    All I want to do is talk on the phone and drink tea.
    I have three hours to get all this graphic done. JUST DO IT!!

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    Hello Alice,

    Just shy of a month replying to your wonderful message. I'll say not bad, given starting a new job and the holidays. lol

    Another Body Pump enthusiast! Yes, it's definitely international and I believe it originated in your part of the globe, NZ. It is such a great overall workout and I really like that you can adjust the weight. As I mentioned, the instructor I go to twice a week is so great. There are a few other instructors but they don't have the same timing and communication and energy that the one I go to does. Makes all the difference!

    So glad to have 2018 in the rear view mirror!! My next door neighbor was visiting yesterday. She is actually the person who told me about the Marijuana Anonymous meetings. Yesterday we talked about it briefly and I "flashed back" to the moment. We were sitting in the living room and I could see the dining room table, where about a year ago, she told me about MA. I can't believe the state my brain was in back then. The more I think about it, the more I think it was the hash I smoked for a week or so that pushed me into such an extreme state. In any case, I am so grateful to be where I am now!

    Thanks for all your support, Alice!
    How's your interior decorating going?


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    Hey John,
    Thanks for your message! Great to hear you started a new job. How was your Christmas and New Year? Or your holidays?

    I can't believe that Body Pump originates in NZ! Typical. I have never been there, but amongst some of my friends, we consider NZ 'the source' hehe.
    Two times a week sounds like the perfect balance. Do you do other workouts as well? I agree with the right instructor. For me, some of them have better 'music choices' too, which is one of the biggest things that brings me back.
    I actually haven't been to a class, maybe since I last talked to you. There has been a lot of stuff going on in my life this summer. I haven't been in my home city too much, but I hope to get back into it.

    2018 wasn't such a good year for you? I am so happy that you can reflect back on where you were - when your friend mentioned MA. I think that will perhaps be your 'anchor' that you can reflect on, if you ever get in a situation where temptation strikes, as it will do, if I know anything about how this world works! We are not immune to temptation, even years later. The point is that it will test you, and with your fresh, clear mind, I believe that you will be able to rise to the challenge.

    My support, is really my pleasure! I love doing this stuff :-)
    My interior decorating has taken another shift today. I was going to move some furniture, but ended up cleaning out the bookcase and cleaning the window sills. My plants are going nuts, even though I haven't been at home all week, and my neighbour kindly watered them for me. I am so happy, because I have never had much luck with indoor plants before, but they are thriving so far! So lucky :-)
    I did also get some cubes from IKEA. . . do you have IKEA in your part of the world? I actually couldn't work out how to put them together, so I hired someone on a local freelancing (kinda) site, and this lovely guy came and put them together. I have never been particularly good at DIY, but I would like to try to get more skills. It is fun.

    Apart from that, I have a growing sense in my heart that there are good people in the world. The fact that I am cannabis free, allows me to interact with these people and to actually connect. It is just nice.

    Take care John, hope to catch up with you again sometime soon!
    :-) Alice

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    Default IKEA is everywhere?

    Seems in my limited travels, i've seen IKEA in 34 countries...they are everywhere!

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