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Thread: Alice's quit journal

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    What a fantastic feeling that must be!
    I am so happy for you! :-)

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    Am in the process of spring cleaning my apartment (in the middle of winter) for a house inspection next week. I am going deep with the cleaning and going through old papers and journals. All of this reflection on years past makes me realise how messy my life was, and how much I struggled to get out of the grips of those addictions.
    The funny thing is that all that counselling and all those worksheets may have helped, they may have helped build a foundation, but I was never going to quit cannabis until I moved to the city and got socially connected.
    After 8 years of struggling with daily use, I moved to the city and gave up in less than a year.

    It makes me realise how cannabis can be a symptom of a larger social problem. I would encourage you to dig deep to find out what it is that you need. Social connection can be a big help in your quest to be cannabis free. I read an article not so long ago about how community and social connection was the biggest thing that keeps people away from drugs. I would definitely agree with that!

    All the evidence of my addiction is now donated, shredded, recycled, or for the most worthwhile nuggets of wisdom, kept. I have also shredded the past two years of journals. Although I find it helpful to use a journal to 'work things out', I don't get a lot of reading back on them, and so, the progress that I have made as a person is in the fact that I am so different now to how I was one, two, eight years ago!

    It is very freeing, and very rejuvenating :-)

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    Hi Alice your post reminds me of something i hear a lot: the opposite of addiction is connection. I dont know what city youre referring to or why you moved, but im glad its somewhere that brought you peace.

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