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Thread: Relapse after 15 months of sobriety

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    Default Relapse after 15 months of sobriety

    Hey, I was on this forum last year when I was going through initial withdrawal. I slowly but surely got better and better. After 7 months I was doing pretty good, but continued to improve over the next 8 months. Then, my friend moved home from Colorado and I got right back into smoking. I know, what was I thinking after going through withdrawals. Trust me, I feel dumb. I started in mid august and did it occasionally for the rest of August. During the entire month of September I was smoking every night from my friends nice bong. Sometimes during the day too. After 1 month of daily smoking, the anxiety and other things returned. I have now been clean for 20 days. Symptoms for the first week were bad. The severity lessened after that but it's still a struggle to feel happy about normal everyday things or get in the mood to go places. I'm also really tired like the first time quiting.

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    My question for the more seasoned quitters: did 1 month of smoking undo all of the progress I made in 15 months of sobriety?
    Will I make my way back to how I was feeling at 15 months? Will it be much shorter of a time since I only did it for a month? I am just so worried that I screwed up and may not be able to feel better again. I know anxiety puts thoughts like this in your head, but they still suck. As I type this at 8:30 PM, I feel pretty good. I never had times this good in the first month last year. I guess that's a good thing. I'm mainly dealing with social anxiety this time I suppose.

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    Default Dangerous thoughts

    Ive been smoking occasionally for about two years, and Ive just decided to quit because I just dont give the slightest shit about anything anymore. Im just neutral. I can see a fantastic movie or listen to a great song, and it gives me nothing. As a creative person its a big problem to be unable to feel inspired. So Im tired of this shit, I wanna feel like normal people. I look at people and Im thinking "I wonder how it feels like to be this person, with all of his/her emotions and feelings". I have a tendency of thinking "just one more time isn't making a difference", or "now that I´ve already smoked for two years I might as well smoke up this little bag as well". Those are dangerous, but very tempting thoughts.

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