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Thread: Day 29

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    Default Day 29

    Hi everyone!

    I quit ~29 days ago. Phew it's been hell. 3 days of vomiting and serious muscle cramps, also bad ketosis since I couldn't shoot insulin(I'm T1D). Luckily got into hospital. (I didn't sleep for the first 3 days at all and I have really fuzzy memories of it) After the hospital trip I felt almost euphoric at days, but dread rose up by nighttime. Max 2 hours of sleep per night for around 6 days. Very vivid and unpleasant dreams woke me up everytime. I forced myself to eat, fought to keep it in.

    Week 2, I think, I was feeling pretty well. Mood swings, got angry really easily, but I just told myself that it's temporarly. Also cried a lot. Didn't sleep well, but got around 6hrs/night. Although woke up every 2 hrs soaking wet and cold.

    Week 3 was quite the same, with a new symptom: paranoia. I was really, I mean really paranoid about my health, my muscles were(and are still) aching and bad headaches that doesn't stop at all. Trying to self-diagnose. Panic attacks. I thought I was going mad. I calmed myself with breathing techniques and told myself it's only in my head.

    Week 4 the worst anxiety subsided. I started to get continuous 6hrs of sleep few nights. Vivid dreams haven't gone, but they're not so bad anymore. Headache is still (t)here and weird musclepains. I have bad short-term memory, and have trouble in concentrating. On the plus-side got first 8hrs of continous sleep in ages!
    One thing is for sure: I will get through this wanted to quit smoking for somewhat 5 months and finally did it. Or am on it. Just that this takes so freaking long time. Before going cold turkey I think I smoked about 3-5grams a day for a couple of months, and been smoking regurlarly but smaller doses for 2 years. Never been more than a week or so without since. Except for now. Counting the days. Every morning I write the day number on my arm to remind me, although I'm not sure if its the correct number, it might actually be even day 34, but it really doesn't matter. I hope that I don't get the urges to smoke. These past weeks have made me very repulsive about weed, which is a good thing.

    For assistance with finding a reputable and accredited Marijuana Rehab Service Provider in the USA you can call the US Government’s FREE SAMHSA’s National Helpline on:

    1-800-662-HELP (4357)

    Sorry for my not-so-good english and thanks for reading and keep strong brothers and sisters!

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    Congratulations on taking the first steps to living weed free. I understand how awful it can feel, but I think you will start to feel better soon, and then you will find all the benefits of being THC free. :-) Keep going! You are doing an amazing job :-)

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