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Thread: Withdrawl & anger

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    I smoked every day for five years. My use varied from 0.1 g - 1/2 oz per day. I have been weaning myself off for the past month. When I started cutting back I was smoking 1/4 oz per week. When I quit I was smoking less than 3 g per week. I quit just over a week ago. I smoked once a couple of days ago just to see if I was sure about quitting and I am sure. I am feeling some withdrawl symptoms. For the first couple days I was nauseous, but that has gone away. I have been more depressed - losing interest in things I once liked, not feeling like doing anything, feeling sad for no apparent reason, feeling disconnected from people. I have been a lot more anxious - I feel uneasy throughout the day, and I am having racing thoughts before bed that are making it hard to fall asleep. I have been extremely irritable - everything and everyone makes me angry and I am having a hard time not lashing out. I do have other mental health problems (BPD, binge eating disorder, addictive personality, PTSD, depression, anxiety, insomnia) and I do have support to help me - I am seeing a therapist twice a week, I am attending group therapy as often as I can, and I am seeing a psychiatrist 1-2 times a month. I am seeking more support online, I thought this might be a good place to go. I was wondering if other people have experienced these withdrawl symptoms - particularly anger. I have read a bit about people experiencing anxiety and depression through withdrawl, but I have not heard much of anything about people being angry after they quit smoking pot. I noticed that I became a much more "mellow" person after I became a stoner and the opposite is happening now that I've quit. Has anyone experienced this? How long does it last? Does it get better with time or is it something you just have to learn to live with? Do you have any tips on managing this symptom in particular?

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    Hey there dear unregistered,

    My (non-professional) opinion is that anger is not related to pot. Pot may have soften underlying anger. You said it yourself, you becaome a much more mellow person once you started toking. What you may be experiencing is the effect of not having pot tempering your anger. The fact that you just quit will make it worst. Not using pot makes it difficult to sleep during the first days/weeks. Difficulty to sleep makes you more tired. Tired people are way more reactive. By quitting pot you just deprived yourself of a major reward trigger. Cannabis also reduces the general excitability of the brain by providing THC that binds to the CB1 receptors. Without THC, your brain will become more excitable. However when you toke, you are rewarded with dopamine. Dopamine makes you happy and less anxious. When you quit, your dopamine levels will go down. You may feel crappy and more anxious.

    My advice then is to sleep as much as you can, eat healthy food that don't add other cravings, take walks, do sports. It will pass or at least become easier. Sleep will come back to normal.

    For assistance with finding a reputable and accredited Marijuana Rehab Service Provider in the USA you can call the US Government’s FREE SAMHSA’s National Helpline on:

    1-800-662-HELP (4357)

    For anger itself, anger is acquired at a very young age in your house. A psychologist may help you with that. If you catch the glimpse of anger you may try to ask yourself what it is that makes you angry. Remember that external factors, such as another person, do not make you angry. Anger is an internal protection mechanism. You protect yourself against conditions that are related to cravings/desires. They may be:

    Something that you have that you don't want to loose (That would be quite unusual but it could cause anxiety)
    Something that you have and don't want (such as cancer..., a bad partner.. a handicap...)
    Something you don't have and don't want (I tarantula in your face, cancer, criticism, advices)
    Something you don't have but want (Money, being rich, time)

    Anger is an unhealthy relationship with wanting/craving in the context of protecting your ego or core beliefs about yourself and what makes you and your life good and happy.

    When you feel anger, take a breath and look at the external factor that triggers your angry feeling. Ask yourself how it is related to your desires. Ask yourself if you are being rational with your anger and if anger is proportional to the trigger. Ask yourself if you can do anything to make things better that is within your control. If not, breath and accept.

    And please, register. Good luck.

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