Hello fellow indulgers!

I’ve followed this site for many years now – in the hope that one day I may actually make use of it. After trying some hash for the first time at around 15 years old, I loved it and smoked whenever I could for about a year until I got caught by my parents and royally scolded. It was about 4 more years until I randomly bumped into it again when a friend who owed me £20 asked if he could pay me in weed as he was skint. Considering I hadn’t even touched the stuff for four years and he knew I didn’t smoke, it was a little random of him… but I accepted so quid pro quo…

It was quite tremendous, the bag lasted me almost a month and I enjoyed every night smoking it. Coming from a lifestyle where I would go out most weekends and get hammered, this seemed to be a much more efficient way to blur my mind from what can often be the monotony and plain shiteness of 9-5 working life so after finishing that bag, I wanted more.

I remember saying to myself at that time – just for a few months, no more than a year. I’m now shortly approaching my 30th birthday and I’ve been smoking every day for the last 10 years, except for a handful of days where I have not been able to, and on one occasion, in an attempt to stop.

I don’t necessarily regret smoking for the entirety of the last decade, despite having my head in a thick smog for the lion’s share of those years, I have so many things to be thankful for now. Such as being married, buying our first house and making it a home for two stupid dogs also which I love very much – so it has been difficult for me to attribute much detriment to that choice of lifestyle, when I have so much to be thankful for.

My only worthwhile attempt to quit over the last decade was after my wife and I lost our first pregnancy quite late on and we then had difficulty conceiving for about 2 years after. It was an extremely difficult time as my wife was desperate for our first child and although she had tolerated my weed use since we first met, she was convinced that it was the root cause of our new troubles so I agreed to get my ‘swimmers’ checked… It was a pretty conclusive result and for the first time I had an objective reason to quit smoking weed.

After one gruelling month being clean bean, my wife conceived and our little baby boy was born perfectly healthy about 8 weeks ago today

The problem however, is that as soon as my wife conceived, that objective reason which made me stop no longer existed, and if weed made you salivate - my mouth was Victoria Falls… I gave in almost immediately after the news and here I am again – a daily smoker.

For assistance with finding a reputable and accredited Marijuana Rehab Service Provider in the USA you can call the US Government’s FREE SAMHSA’s National Helpline on:

1-800-662-HELP (4357)

I have finally realised though, how much of my life this little plant consumes. If I’m not stoned, my mind is consumed by thoughts of being stoned, between being stoned I spend so much time procuring my goods and then obsessively grinding and crafting joints, it is the single most pre-dominant commitment and obsession in my life and that shouldn’t be, it has to change... especially now I am a dad.

My plan is to now quit for an entire month to clear my mind of the cravings and lower my tolerance. I’d love to be able to enjoy weed as I do with alcohol and gambling, on occasions and in moderation. I used to drink and bet excessively so I have managed to do this with both of these, surely it should be no different with Cannabis.

If anyone has actually made it this far through my post, I feel flattered… but I would love to know your thoughts on moderating cannabis use as a rehab treatment as an alternative to pure abstinence. I know this is becoming a more popular form of rehabilitation with other addictions such as drinking, it would be great to know anyone’s thoughts with years of experience. I am completely open to the possibility that it just may not be an option for me to moderate this habbit but to me that would be the perfect solution to aim for...

Thanks again and please feel free to follow me through this process. Your support is hugely appreciated.