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Thread: The problem with regular Cannabis use

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    Lightbulb The problem with regular Cannabis use

    Ok, bare with me while I attempt to put this in context as far as I see it. I hope not to confuse, it might help some, & that's all I can hope...

    When you first use marijuana (psychedelic herb) it allows open access to different windows of perception. This experience 'awake' is new, & can be elevating & intuitive, a placid contemplation of all that is; "I am that I am, therefor all thoughts & emotions -/+ flow through me" an epiphany of spiritual enlightenment or soul unity. On the flip side anxiety can also arise from low blood sugar or psychological fears inducing paranoia, delusions, psychosis or madness.

    The real problem with floating in Mary's spectrum all the time is that in reality we all know it's not an ideal world, that we are wakingly conscious in a body that keeps us grounded to the sphere (Earth not Utopia) we can't just float away & envision our ideas & ideals, we have to use real effort to work at making them here for ourselves & each other in so many other ways but, our natural faculties for 'applying' this conventional wisdom to ourselves becomes afflicted, & we can't cope well without them! The thc high puts you in an altered transcendental state, for that you would normally be asleep, day dreaming, or in meditation. Negative emotions manifest as nightmares & positive ones as blissful dreams. Strange, how when one smokes regularly (I did most days for so many years) that we have little dream recall, & when quit often have very vivid & sometimes frightening experiences & lucid dreams.

    In reality, over time, the philosophical insight I'd already learned wore off & I found pot smoking caused me to be tired, forgetful, impulsive, indecisive, & unfunctional at times, because I was never fully present in my physical self! I was existing as the grand encompassing ghost of that, a contradictive passive observer devoid of the lost key - 'Rationality'. Ever had what you thought was a great idea when high, only to later realize it was absurd or just not practical?

    That's why weed for me became so hard enduring, in an artificial pleasure sense it made my world, but that's all it offers in the end. Hence the reason most of us come to give it up, because we're acutely aware life is short & we reminisce a 'once upon a time..' when we were fully aware & in control of our thoughts & the choices we had to make that would take us somewhere new, gaining pleasure from different things. Because we've been 'to a certain extent' anesthetized - asleep at the wheel in reality, stuck feeling good for nothing, time has passed, our deepest thoughts of positive inspiration alass, & our emotions not properly processed.
    How can you hope to hold on to your identity (personality) what defines you as 'YOU' & the life you want to live, if you're regularly under the influence of illusionary projection? It took me a long time self deceived in the haze to realize this simple fault in the machine.

    For assistance with finding a reputable and accredited Marijuana Rehab Service Provider in the USA you can call the US Government’s FREE SAMHSA’s National Helpline on:

    1-800-662-HELP (4357)

    No wonder weed has made most of us long term smokers question what in so many ways we haven't done in life, we've contemplated everything but done little, went to sleep & woke up forgetting, blaming all other things.
    Time to call it a day & reconnect with real life - people, activities, love, & purpose. Mary left me a nice voicemail on life once & I remember it, I don't need to listen to it again, it's time to hang up the phone.

    God Bless

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    Basically for you long time endurers that want to quit - you've actually got the mission of [email protected]#ing remembering who you were, & can possibly be without it! Mary has a deceptive way of blinding you to how life could/would be without her lol

    No one can pretend that is easy, because we are taking the conscious choice to take ourselves out of our 'artifical' self conditioned comfort zone we've all lived with for God knows how long...!

    Take care guys

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