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Thread: Hello from a newbie

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    Default Hello from a newbie

    Hello there!

    So this is day 1 of my journey to quit cannabis and I decided to join the forum for a bit of support; somewhere to vent during those difficult times and in a bid to hold myself accountable.

    A bit about me...
    Age 33, female, reside in the UK, smoked on and off from roughly age 14 and daily for 10 years plus. My main motivator for quitting cannabis is to get healthy for starting a family and to aid my tying to conceive, as well as all those other benefits; more money in my pocket and shedding a few pounds from not having midnight munchies 7 night's a week.

    My partner smokes but only at weekends and we smoke it in 'joint' form with tobacco (so acknowledge there is probably a bit of nicotine addiction there too). I've half heartedly tried and failed to quit on numerous occassions but it never lasts long term. I once went 8 months sober, got super fit and healthy but stupidly fell off the wagon later down the road. I am in no denial about my cannabis habit/addiction and fully admit I have a problem.

    Anyway... day 1 is tough. It's on my mind and I really want a spliff (it's early evening which is when I normally have my first one of the day). Feel tired, demotivated, pretty flat mood wise and not wanting to do anything.

    Smoked my last bit last night and am skint until end of the week which means I can't buy any even if I wanted to (partly why I chose this week to quit). Also have minimim fuel in the car (a deliberate choice) so I can't go driving to any stoner mates' houses.

    Wish me luck! Seriously going to need it 😕

    For assistance with finding a reputable and accredited Marijuana Rehab Service Provider in the USA you can call the US Government’s FREE SAMHSA’s National Helpline on:

    1-800-662-HELP (4357)

    Sunshine 🌞

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    Good for you!!! I am much like you. I want to quit to get healthy, lose weight, and hove more motivation to do things with my life. Its not easy but we can do this!!

    I have been smoking for 9 years every single day. I am 27. I have quit a few times in the past, but it never stuck. This time it feels different. I really want this.

    I just wanted you to know you are not alone!!

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    Good luck and congratulations!! It sounds like you have some really good reasons for wanting to quit, and even though it can be difficult in the beginning, it does get so much easier. I know you are thinking about a spliff a lot now, but if you deliberately flick those thoughts for a while, it won't be too long before you are not thinking about it as much.

    This board is a great tool for keeping up your motivation and keeping yourself accountable. I hope you use it, and grow stronger every day.

    It is so worth it! Good luck!!

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    Hey Sunshine,

    Thanks for your post, great to hear you've made the first step. This forum was essential to me when I quit almost 12 months ago now. I smoked daily for almost 30 years and never thought I would be able to quit. I took it day by day and used this forum almost daily in those first few months, it was what got me through the hard times - knowing I wasn't alone and so many people out there were going through the same as me.

    It is so very worthwhile quitting. It's one of my greatest achievements in my life aside from my two beautiful children. It was a daily struggle for me wanting to quit and I tried so many, many times and finally it happened. Relapse is probable but don't let it stop you if you do relapse, just keep on trying and it will happen.

    There are so many positives and I wanted to let you know a few of them for me:

    * I've lost 13kgs since I quit because I don't have late night munchies anymore and eat all the junk I used to
    * I replaced the cravings with exercise, even just going for a walk to get my mind off things
    * I don't have the head aches, chest pains, coughing and so many other health issues because there's no more daily cones
    * One of the best things is my emotional intelligence - the clarity I feel in my thinking, no more paranoia
    * No more having to hide my dirty secret from friends and family, such a sense of freedom just to be me
    * No more being anti social, I hardly went out because I would rather be home smoking
    * I used to think things like music, TV, sex would not be as good without smoking - all of them are better now!
    * I'm present for my children, instead of using smoke as a buffer for daily struggles I can handle things better sober. I used to spend so much time hiding in the bathroom having cones ....
    * I don't feel worried about driving stoned or even worse being pulled over for a drug test which is common now in Sydney

    There are so many more positives but these are just a few. I had to give up some friends I had for a long time, I couldn't hang around smokers anymore and it was hard but necessary for me. Even now I can't be around them because the temptation is still there and I don't want to be in a position where I'm offered any. It's an ongoing struggle but does get easier. It doesn't consume my every thought like it once did. I posted today because I realised it was almost a year and I'm still incredulous about it, never thought I'd make it.

    Life is so much better sober. If I can do it smoking half an ounce a week for almost 30 years then I know anyone can. Good luck and keep posting. M x

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    Thank you all for your replies. As much as I know there are plenty of female stoners out there, I don't seem to come across many in the real world. It is very reassuring to know that there are other women out there that have managed to beat this.

    Kim21 I want a family more than anything, but I'd be lying if I said I didn't 'love' weed too. It does scare me that I'm not strong enough to quit for good but am going to try my hardest.

    Michelle - From previous experience I know I'm an all or nothing kind of person so will be like you in that I will have to stay away from any temptation. You've help remind me of this so I'm going to have a chat with the other half on Friday eve (he works away during the week at present) about his smoking. I don't expect him to quit until it's his right time but I can at least ask him not to do it in the house or in front of me.

    Also, that is a great list of positives and one I hope I can achieve in time. As much as I enjoy smoking, I know it's had so many negative impacts upon my life (and bank balance) that I feel it's time for me to try and 'grow up' and leave weed chuffing days behind.

    Day 2 hasn't been too bad. Not really thought about it at all during the day but it's been part of my evening ritual for so long, I'm missing it now though not as badly as I expected. Early night I think; got to make the most of this sleeping malarky before the insomnia kicks in and it's hard to crave in your sleep.

    Keep up the good work ladies, we can beat this! ��


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