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Thread: 2 weeks clean after 20 years of on/off smoking

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    Post 2 weeks clean after 20 years of on/off smoking

    Firstly, I really appreciate having this forum. Thanks to the admins for setting this up. Sharing my thoughts on here and reading others has helped a ton!

    My Toke History

    I starting smoking herb around age 15 or 16 around 1995 or 1996 when a friend from school took some from his parents stash and we retreated to the woods to experiment. I'm 36 years old now and have used on and off for around 20 years. I went through phases of almost not smoking for months at a time, to light smoking bi-weekly in college, to heavy binge smoking where I was high all-day for weeks straight at certain points in my life. About 4 years ago I almost never smoked unless someone else offered it to me at a party.. Then when I moved to NYC a friend gave me a phone number to a bicycle delivery service with medical strength high-quality herbs. I started buying it in larger quantities and had easy access to it day and night. I noticed was starting to drink alcohol and smoke more and heavier when something stressful happened such as a new job, a new relationship, more responsibilities, moving, car accident, etc. What started as a party drug for me in my teen years has definitely become more of a medicine to alleviate stress as an adult. Although it calms my stress and boredom, and has even occasionally helped contribute creative thoughts, it also is ruining my lungs and overall cardiovascular health. My throat hurts a lot after use and I have recently developed Chronic Sinusitis and allergy issues. Smoking makes me lazy and much less productive as compared to when I'm not using, and makes me kind of a zombie that doesn't participate at social functions.

    So I decided to quit both alcohol and pot cold-turkey last Tuesday after a week long binge. I had woken up with a sore throat, fatigue, and sinus headache and feeling a bit disappointed in myself having not done a bunch of things I said earlier I would get done.

    Week 1

    The first few days I was really tired and had a very sore throat. The first week I experienced insomnia, boredom, anxiety, and depression. I feel thankful I do not have any of the stomach issues other people on this forum are describing. I started talking to myself a lot saying things like "F*&k, why am I so tired! You're going to be okay, maybe you just have a cold also and that's why you feel like crap. Just don't smoke! You can do it!" The first week, I also had a few instances where I almost smoked again. Once was when I smelled my neighbor light up on his porch one night. I still have a stash locked in a drawer, so a relapse would have been easy but I'm kind of sadistically trying to prove to myself I can have it in the house and not use. At one point I almost flushed everything down the toilet but convinced myself it is worth money and I still have friends who can control their habit I could give it away to... After a long boring week I made it to the weekend with no smoking. I feel like this week I was a bit of a wreck and didn't do much except for try to deal with this.

    Week 2

    The second week was slightly better, I still have fatigue, and anxiety symptoms come and go. The tiredness is worse in the mornings and comes back after 7pm. So I'm starting to have productive windows in the afternoon. I felt a little proud that I'm in control and that gives me fuel to finish the second week with no smoking. My lungs are starting to feel irritated during the second week I'm coughing as if they are healing themselves.. hopefully. When I feel tired I do jumping jacks and jog around the block. Exercising is helping me sleep better and feel less tired. Although I realized I'm also in not very goos shape I breathe heavy after running short distances. I feel my mind is less foggy in week 2 then week1. Less cravings this week. Keeping myself distracted with work and writing my feelings, and exercising. I finish week 2 not feeling great but still no smoking. I feel like this week I was semi-productive also.

    Week 3

    Tomorrow I head into week 3. I will provide an update next Sunday.

    If you are also quitting or have quit, I'd love to hear your thoughts, feelings, or any suggestions for how to fight cravings to smoke, or how to alleviate symptoms etc. I wish strength to everyone out there going through this change. Thanks for reading! - JohnBlue

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    Keep up your good work! You're doing great. It's so comforting hearing how everyone else is feeling the same way I am, it's making me feel a little less hopeless.

    For assistance with finding a reputable and accredited Marijuana Rehab Service Provider in the USA you can call the US Government’s FREE SAMHSA’s National Helpline on:

    1-800-662-HELP (4357)

    The Pom Lady
    Just trying my best to push forward and take back my life.

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