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Thread: Heavy user of 25 years

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    Default Heavy user of 25 years

    I have used cannibus since i was fifteen years old. I will be forty in a month and a half. I have also consumed beer since i was sixteen. Drank more heavly as i got older consuming up to six to eight beers at night along with smoking cannibus from sun up to sun down. I have been off of the cannibus and alcohol for almost 40 days now. This has been the most difficult thing i have ever endured. I decided to quit both cold turkey after a couple times it felt like i was not in control of my mind anymore. Both have had me by the balls at a very young age. I live where it is completly legal to possess it without a problem. No one can make a person stop abusing drugs and alcohol. It is up to that individual to get to a piont in their life when they finally realize it is time to hang it up. I really appreciate this forum. Leaning on others who are experiencing similar feelings. After 20 days or so being sober i had to admit myself into the ER with chest pains. I already had HB before quitting so needless to say i was scared outta my mind. My EKG and lung xray where normal. The doctors dont really have any answers. Witch is sad. They just look at you as a drug abuser and basically sluff you off. No one really cares about your life except for YOU! As long as it not happening to them they feel bad for you but its your life not theirs. Again im about 40 days clean of both as well as caffeine and have changed my whole diet. No more fast food either. Its just filled with sodium. My body is craving all these things intensely and is probably why my mind and body are still no where near back to normal. I have been riding my bike and walking for almost 3 weeks now. I got an APP on my phone so i can meet certain goals. All this change has shook my mind and body to the core. Just give me another chance at life...i know i can change. Been walking through a fog for 25 years. I have bought some THC drug kits to test myself so i know when the THC is completely out of my system. I quit 7 years ago for almost 2 years. It took me six months to pee clean. I experienced extreme with drawl then but it doesn't hold a candle to this time. The older you get the tougher it is on your mind and body. I have no desire to use cannibus ever again after what i have been experiencing. I just want to be normal again and be there for my children as they grow up. They need me and i need them. Thats the best drug there is. Its time to focus on the future and put my drug and alcohol abuse behind me. Its still very early in my recovery. Every day is still a constant battle but i know in the long run my family and of course ME....will reap the benefits. I hope this statement can help and encourage others. Peoples lives are important. You are important. We all mean something to someone. And even if you dont think you are. You are important to yourself! Look out for YOU because you matter. I love life and its important that we live it with a clear mind and a health body. No matter what it takes in order to get there. We need to preserver and push through. Its up to YOU to get you through. Anyone can talk the talk now its up to me and YOU to walk the walk. Peace and Love to all those going through this battle. Mental and physical.

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    You are doing great!! It is so great to hear that you are exercising and eating well as well. I have heard of a few people on this board who have got HBP when they quit, so perhaps it was just a withdrawal symptom.

    It sounds like you have a very positive attitude about your life, and you should really start to feel some more of the positive effects of quitting soon. Almost 6 weeks! I was starting to feel better around that time, but the improvements get better and better.

    I hope you will use the board and post if the cravings hit too hard.

    Thanks so much for your positive words, and good luck on your journey. It is so worth it!!

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    Breathe deep in the morning consciously with your eyes closed for a couple of minutes, your body is going through repair, help it by oxygenating and purifying your blood/system. I've wasted 12 years of my life in the same pursuit. It's not worth wasting another second on it. Can you tell me a bit about why you started again after being clear of it for 2 years? I'm enquiring because I have experienced something similar where i've quit for an extended period of time because it got too bad and then started romancing it again and fell back into the same trap.

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