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Thread: Anxiety started 4 weeks after quitting

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    Default Anxiety started 4 weeks after quitting

    Hi Guys,

    I've smoked weed everyday for the past 5 years or so, sometimes heavily, past couple of years only in the evenings and generally lighter, more natural stuff than in earlier times. I quit smoking cold turkey about 6 weeks ago, and initially felt absolutely fine and better with every day. However two weeks ago I had my first anxiety attack. I've never had one before in my life so it was quite a scary experience. Since then I've had an attacks every 4 days or so, but instead of getting better they get worse. I've always thought that the worst of the withdrawal would be straight after you quit, and gradually getting better, so right now im quite concerned by two things. First that it started after a month and not immediately and second that its getting worse.

    Is it normal for anxiety to kick in a while after quitting?
    Is there a period when it peaks?
    Has anybody had a similar experience?

    I know exercise helps so I already exercise 3-4 times a week, so please suggest anything else I could be doing to help

    Thanks you!

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    Hi Clean&Lean,

    I guess everyone's experience is different and anxiety is a common withdrawal symptom from cannabis. It is so good to hear that exercise is helping, and I would also suggest taking a look at a healthy diet too. I used to get anxiety attacks when I first tried to quit cannabis, and I found that taking a dose of magnesium over a period of time really helped to resolve the anxiety. Bioceuticals - Muscle-eze is the best supplement I know of on the market. I hope that you can get it where you are.

    The only thing with nutrient deficiencies, is that it can take more than a month to notice the full effect of the supplement, although hopefully you would notice some effect immediately. If you DO have a magnesium deficiency, a supplement would have maximum effect after about three months.

    I am not sure about the timing of a peak of anxiety, but I think others have had similar experiences, so maybe you can search for other people's stories and recommendations.

    I am sorry I can't help you more, except to say that I think that it is normal, and that it will get better. Stick with it! It is so worth it, I promise!


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    Default Hope this helps

    Hey man, I had a very similar issue, I quit smoking and shortly after starting to feel better I had a complete anxiety attack and was essentially curled up in the fetal position for like 3 days barely able to move, it also made it extremely hard for me to eat anything at all, what helped for me was meditation, accepting the things that gave me anxiety and I couldn't change, and the biggest one was maintaining a healthy lifestye, I got back to sleeping earlier and spending less time couch locked and working out alot and specifically working out often seems to have cured my anxiety, lifting really helps clear your mind and let you focus on one thing and that thing only. all while releasing the good endorphins and other things your body needs to be healthy, the working out progress definitely started shitty especially after smoking daily for almost 5 years (which I also did haha) but now I tend to lift an hour or two a day and never have felt better! I really hope you can get past this, wish I could help more

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    Hi Unregistered,

    I completely agree with you about the lifting. It has helped me tremendously. Focus, endorphins, and overall well being. Starting to get a little body definition as well...which is nice.

    Cheers to us!

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