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Thread: Quit a couple days ago and need some advice.

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    Default Quit a couple days ago and need some advice.

    Hey guys, I'm gonna give you a rundown of my last couple of months. So I recently moved to California (perfect place to get some killer bud) and I got pretty heavy into weed until i willed myself to quit 3-4 days ago. To give you guys some background I used to hate Maryjane, I thought anyone who used it was a dumb ass and that they were unconsciously throwing away their lives (I had such an extreme opinion on weed for personal reasons.) But then like I said I moved to California, new life, new people, new friends, I moved from a small hick town in the middle of Kentucky to one of the bigger places in America, I felt changed and ready to experience new things. So when one of my new friends of 4 weeks or so asked me if I wanted to try some Maryjane, I hesitantly agreed. I did it and it was great, it took a little while to kick in so I took more than I should have and that freaked me out a bit but after a bowl and a half of it my friends and I stumbled home, laughing at ****ing everything and struggling to stay on the sidewalk, I loved the feeling it gave me, and the way it made everything seem so damn interesting, but most of all I loved the changed perspective it gave me. It was a new and interesting way to perceive life and I enjoyed that, I saw it as something that could expand the way I thought and change my perspective on certain parts of life. Despite my newly found mindset about MaryJane I'd say I didn't smoke for another good couple of weeks until some of my newer stoner friends offered me something new, a vape pen. I particularly enjoyed this new way to medicate because it was discreet, didn't make my lungs feel like a ****ing fire pit, and it was incredibly convenient to vape inside and I didn't have to have a lighter handy or any of that stuff. This made it so much easier to medicate whenever I wanted so I eventually bought my own high quality vape pen for about 80 bucks, not bad in my opinion. It tasted better, felt better when inhaling, and the highs were somewhat more potent. The vape cartridges I got lasted a LONG time, I'd say a good 2 weeks at most, and they were only 20 bucks. So obviously everything lined up and it was super easy for me to get high quality, long lasting, cheap Maryjane. Subsequently, I started medicating almost every freaking night, I'd watch my favorite TV shows and play my favorite games and even finish that essay that was occasionally due when I was high. It didn't affect my grades in college, didn't seem to affect the way I interacted with my friends and family, the only thing it really did was slightly affect my memory, other than all that I never noticed too much. Fast forward about 3 months and I was starting to feel off when I lit up, anxiety welled under all that fuzzy goodness Maryjane gave me and eventually instead of Good feelings and changed perspectives I was feeling Paranoia, Intense hunger, slight depression, I started to feel like I was a lazy bum and my self confidence was slightly impacted. Finally, a couple days ago i got so paranoid that I somehow convinced myself that the inner dialogue in my head, (you know, the thing that almost everyone has,) was schizophrenia. It came out of nowhere and when I finally sobered up I thought that was extremely ridiculous but all this new found anxiety kept me mentally worried about all kinds of stuff. That flipped a switch and I haven't lit up since, I felt slight cravings only hours after I took it, but haven't felt cravings for it since. I threw away an almost full cartridge of platinum master kush without any regret, I know I'll be fine as far as keeping away from Maryjane as I've gotten through cigarette addiction before, which was MUCH more mentally challenging. But after about 3 or maybe 4 straight months of Maryjane, quitting has made me feel anxiety, depression, intense hunger, an unshakable mental "off-ness" and a crazy bad case of acute insomnia. This feels like it'll never end, but from other posts I read I know it will, compared to others I'm in a lucky position considering many people on here have done it for years instead of a couple months, I do not feel the urge to throw up and I'm pretty sure I can eat just fine, I am just eating a whole lot, I've spent so much more money on groceries lately because of my cravings for food that seem to never go away except for the one or two hours I'll get from grilling some steak or eating out at a nice restaurant. I just kind of want some advice, I want this feeling of slight depression and anxiety to go away, how long do you guys think it'll take given my circumstances? Thanks for reading this insanely long post and I apologize for any spelling errors, any help or insight is very appreciated.

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    Hi Junketsus,

    It really was a pleasure to read your post. It made me remember all the good times that I had with cannabis and how it gave me such a fresh perspective. I am just over a year quit now and I don't feel any need to get that altered perspective again. I have experienced it, and I know that all those thoughts that seemed so interesting and creative when I was high, never transformed into anything even slightly real. They were just an experience. All the more frustrating, because they seem so poignant and important at the time, but when we wake up the next morning, they are a distant memory.

    I have also given up cigarettes, about two years ago, and it is interesting to note that I don't associate cigarettes with improved concentration and focus any more. When I see someone smoking a cigarette, I have zero physical reaction. It is as inert as seeing someone chewing on a toothpick. Unless I actually put a cigarette in my mouth and light it, I have no reason to associate nicotine stimulation with cigarettes.

    The same thing with cannabis, I guess. After a year quit, I feel like I associate creative thought and insight and perspective with other things like a university lecture, or an interesting paper or book. My focus, clarity and memory is still improving even now, a year after I have quit and it is such a good feeling to be reaching my mental potential. I hope that you will too.

    It sounds like for you the negatives of smoking cannabis have started to outweigh the positives, which inevitably happens, because we get addicted to it, and it starts to lose its shine, and have negative effects. I remember feeling like I was polluting my mind, and in comparison to how I feel now, smoking habitually, had a huge negative effect. I actually do have schizophrenia, and cannabis made a complete mess of my life.

    In answer to the question: how long will it take? It really varies person to person. I set a date of six weeks to reassess how I was feeling, as I had been told that this is how long it takes to see how life can be without cannabis, and that was about right for me. Around this time, I noticed that I was no longer thinking about smoking on the weekends, the cravings had diminished significantly, and I also noticed that my brain was working much better.

    The slight depression and anxiety should be manageable with some psychological strategies. Do you find that if you get absorbed in something else, like a book, a movie, writing a post, talking to a friend, going out, doing something else can help with the depression? I find that if I am 'slightly depressed' the best thing is just to get out of my head, and do something else. When I come home to myself again, I find that the depression has generally lifted.

    For the anxiety, I would recommend some breathing exercises, like the ones described in this page: http://www.anxietyaustralia.com.au/t...ety-and-panic/ The cause of anxiety is overbreathing, and if you can consciously learn to slow down your breathing, your anxiety should reduce significantly. I also found that a magnesium supplement helped my anxiety, but it can take a while to have maximum effect (about one to three months)

    It is good to hear that your appetite is strong and that you are eating. Many people lose their appetite when they quit, so I think this is a positive thing.

    In terms of timing, I would give yourself a good six to eight weeks being quit, and see how you feel then.

    Feel free to post any time! Posting here really helped me to get through my cravings and was instrumental in my success.

    Good luck! You are doing a great thing! It is amazing to be free :-) and see life improve signifcantly.


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