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Thread: Marijuana withdrawal/depression

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    Default Marijuana withdrawal/depression

    Hey guys I'm new to the site here and i never thought i would be doing something like this but i'm very desperate right now. I'm a 33 year old man and I have been smoking for 13 years daily 4-5 joints a day.

    I've been clean for 11 days now but I feel like crap. I have no motivation, I get irritated so easily for no reason and I feel so anxious and depressed. I was already feeling like this when I was smoking and I feel like it was helping me out, but since I stopped everything just got worst. I think it goes deeper than that since i'm just not happy with my life in general. I just got a full time job at my work place a month ago and i already missed a week of work because of this. I love my job but the hours are so bad i have no social life. I was suppose to go back today and called in sick for another week. At this point i don't think they're really impressed with me at the moment. But it was stronger than me and i couldn't control myself. My lucid dreams are so bizarre they mess me up so bad. I barely get any sleep. I was suppose to go back to work today but woke up from a horrible dream, with a feeling of gloom and doom and couldn't go to work. I wanted to but i couldn't. It's like this unknown force was just dragging me down, pulling me back into my bed not wanting to get up. The beautiful weather makes me angry, i see people outside laughing and talking and it makes me mad. I'm not a bad person and i know this is not healthy behaviour but it's just stronger than me i can't fight the feeling.I get irritated over the smallest things. I was like that when using but now it's even worst.

    I just wanted to know if anybody out there was in the same situation as me. How did you manage to get out? What did you do to make yourself feel better? I know i should get new hobbies, go out and socialise some more, but i just don't have the strength or willpower to do so. When i do, it feels good, but since i called in sick from work i'm so disappointed in myself i don't wanna do anything. I'm just lifeless right now and everything feels so dull and boring. When i think about my life and where i am at the moment, i just burst into tears thinking what could of been...The city life is driving me crazy, i wish i can live somewhere next to the ocean or anywhere in nature and be at peace. But i don't wanna leave the country because my parents are getting old and i don't want to leave them alone in their last years of their lives so i'm kind of in a bind here...

    For assistance with finding a reputable and accredited Marijuana Rehab Service Provider in the USA you can call the US Government’s FREE SAMHSA’s National Helpline on:

    1-800-662-HELP (4357)

    I apologise for the long post but i couldn't keep it bottled up inside anymore. Any help whatsoever would be greatly appreciated. I feel like i'm alone right now and any kind of advice or encouragement would mean a lot to me. Thank you.

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    hi there Marcus,

    Welcome to the site. And congratulations on 11 days. That is awesome.

    It is completely understandable that you are not feeling 100% at the moment. Cannabis withdrawal can be tricky, and a lot of people notice the boredom and the lack of motivation, as well as the anxiety and depression. I think that taking some time off work is a great idea, as it gives you a bit more time to get over the initial withdrawals.

    I found that reading other people's stories and about cannabis addiction helped to distract me from the uncomfortable feelings and also helped time pass faster. It is just a waiting game, really. You WILL feel better, and this will not last forever. Getting irritated over the smallest things is your reaction to your thoughts and feelings at the moment. If you can get some distance from your thoughts, then you might notice that your irritation reduces. Try saying in your mind 'I am having the thought that. . . 'your thought', when you find yourself being irritated. It might give you some space from the thought and feeling.

    Another thing that really helped me when I was in the initial stages was to reward myself with small feel good things. I know that some people find it hard to think of things that would feel good at all, but I had a list from when I quit cigarettes and it really helped me when I quit dope as well. My list included: a nice warm shower, burning incense, a cup of herbal tea, cooking myself a new meal, going out for a bite to eat, getting out for a walk, or watching a movie. The trick is that you want to do things that make you feel GOOD, as small as they might be, because it reestablishes your natural dopamine reward pathways. When you smoke cannabis, it releases a huge amount of dopamine, and your brain is used to getting that kind of dosage. When you stop smoking, your reward pathways are not getting stimulated in the same way, so that is why you feel so crappy. It just takes a little bit of time before you feel good doing everyday things, but you can help this process along. The good news is that eventually life is better AND you feel good!

    You said that you feel good when you do go out and do something out in the world, but that your feelings stop you from going out there and doing it. It is like you are steering your ship to an island and all these little monsters are screaming at you to stop and to turn around and drift in the ocean, and if you do drift, they will stop yelling and screaming at you. Of course the monsters can't actually hurt you, and the more that you continue on your path of action, the quieter they will become. So acknowledge the monsters and continue on your path. What kind of life would you have if fear didn't hold you back?

    Another thing that really helped me was therapy. It might be a good investment in your mental health and could help you to find a life that you love.

    Lastly, if you find something works, do more of it. If you find that writing and venting your thoughts and feelings helps, then do more of it. Read as much as you can about other people's experiences. It is a great time killer and you will learn a lot too!

    Good luck! Reach out whenever you need to!
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    Hey Alice, thank you so much for your feedback it's exactly what I needed to hear. You're right on so many levels. I do feel much better today, but how long is that gonna last? Like I said earlier my mood is all over the place, but like you said I gotta keep steering that ship onto the right path and stay focused.

    It's true my dopamine levels are so low at the moment I gotta stimulate myself and do the things that I enjoy the most...even though I don't always feel like it. There's one phrase in particular you said that really caught my attention and it's that ''what kind of life would I have if fear didn't hold me back'' that is so true. Too often I get caught up in my anxiety and worries that I get lost and lose track and focus on my goals and ambitions. There's so much more I, and everybody else can achieve if only we weren't shackled by fear...

    Thanks you so much for all your help and insight I sincerely appreciate it. Bless you and I hope you're doing good too on whatever journey you're on!

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    Hi Marcus,

    No worries! It is good to hear that you are / were having a good day. It is understandable that your mood is a bit all over the shop, but my advice would be not to think about the future too much. It will take care of itself. All you have is this moment. I know, and you should trust, that you will be able to handle anything that this cannabis withdrawal throws at you! You are doing great!

    You are so onto it when you say that it is all about goals and values and where you want to end up in life, or what kind of person you want to be. If you concentrate on this, then life can become really fulfilling and rewarding. I have found that my life without cannabis is so much cleaner, clearer and more connected. I wouldn't go back for anything!

    If you want a book to read to while away some time and refers to most of these pieces of advice that you find helpful you can find the ebook here: https://www.actmindfully.com.au/book...d=855&catid=61 - I don't get any compensation for recommending this. I just think that you might find it helpful

    I hope that you have a good day and find a few small things to reward yourself for doing this amazing thing for yourself.


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    Default I hear ya

    Last time I quit I did the Pink Floyd destroy your room and then line up all the pieces on the floor thing. That computer sucked anyway. I'm sure it's partly my own anger issues compounding it.

    It might be better to miss work than get an assault charge. Your life is bigger than this or that job. Maybe getting clean would be worth losing an overnight warehouse job and you'll be in a position to get more when you're healthy. It does pass though and hopefully we'll be more emotionally stable in the long run. I've been tempted to set time aside to do it and use vacation days maybe go to a spa to sit in the steam room and exercise.

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