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Thread: Couples quitting

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    Default Couples quitting

    Hey there...my s/o and I are getting married in a few months and we are trying to save money (and just be better people in general), so we are "cutting back." I've been a smoker for about 7 years but I've quit quite a few times for months at a time so I know the drill and I know that the first few weeks are the hardest but after that it gets easier and easier to stay away and feel happy. I plan to quit all together.

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    He has been a daily smoker, multiple times a day, for more like 15 years and has never had any success quitting even when the threat of a drug test was there. He can usually quit for a day or two, but he gets angry, bored, irritable, can't sleep...it's miserable. He takes it out on me and my cats and I worry that he actually thinks his feelings are valid and not the result of a major disruption to his brain chemistry. I am afraid to suggest counseling...he's a manly man

    Anyways...we are one day in. I'm feeling anxious and emotional (as I usually do) but I know how to take a step back, breathe and move on with the day. I'm worried that with both of us quitting we are doomed to fail or worse ruin our relationship. I have to go out of town for a week leaving him alone with my 2 young and energetic cats...I'm worried he's going to lose his mind.

    Any words of advice or encouragement...are we doomed?

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    Hi there,

    I don't think that you are doomed! It would be great if you could suggest some kind of therapy to your SO, even just reading a self help book that will help him get some distance from his thoughts and emotions https://www.actmindfully.com.au/book...d=855&catid=61

    People who don't want help are pretty hard to help, but I think that you can set a good example for your SO and explain to him that it is just brain chemistry and it will get easier.

    If you are both really clear about what you want, and both want to quit, perhaps it will be fine to quit together, because you can support each other.

    It sounds like he suffers from some intense withdrawal effects, but he needs to know that this is normal and it will pass.

    When are you going out of town?


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    hi there,

    i would like to know how is everything going with you guys, i hope everything is fine. by this time you should have already reached almost one month, congratulations if you did it! i am in my eleventh day and i have to admit that it has been pretty hard. especially because i feel very alone. i think you can get advantage from the fact that you are doing it together.

    best wishes,


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