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Thread: Marijuana withdrawal Upset Stomach Aches

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    Manny Cannabis Rehab Guest

    Default Stomach pain after quitting weed

    I smoke everyday for 3 years. I’ve had the stomach pain and lost appetite for a whole week until I decided to start jogging again and hitting the gym for weightlifting and steam bath. So after a week of exercise and staying active I feel great again. 2 months now weed free and going strong. No longer crave. Hope this helps

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    These sort of posts reporting successful ways of dealing with withdrawal and with a pot-free life are really important to this forum. Thanks for taking the time to do that and VERY happy to read that you're "2 months now weed free and going strong. No longer crave." Much of that has to do with the choices you made. You weren't passive nor did you roll up into a ball, you joined a gym, started jogging, etc. Others take note!

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    Unregistered Cannabis Rehab Guest

    Default Stomach pains from stopping cannibis

    Ive smoked weed since I was 13 I'm now 25 I've gave up in the past and I've never had pain like this before I can't eat if I do it takes me couple hours to Finnish one meal it's making me go bit mad it's been 5 days now and also hot flushes ever 1-2 mins and my mind is going constantly going crazy maybe it's because thc has got a lot more higher these days what can help with the stomach pains how long can this last for ?

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    Unregistered Cannabis Rehab Guest

    Default If I can quit anyone can

    I smoked weed for 12 years religiously and was able to do it cold turkey . The first two weeks were hard and I thought the symptoms would never stop but they did. I can eat watever I want now and my cravings are gone as well. Milk pickles sandwiches chicken noodle soup and sprite for 2 weeks.

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    The stomach pains got me on the 11th day as well as some anxiety and wanting to fight with anyone. I was sure I had IRB but I now see that the stomach pains are part of the withdrawal. I was pretty fortunate as so far I only had insomnia a few days in the beginning . I am 70 years old so stopping this stuff was important mostly because it was’nt pleasant smoking. Exercise and meditation help, but I have only been gym willing every other day- just feel too lousy and tired .
    Also, annoying minor headaches are there as well as lightheaded feeling when I pop off the chair. Tossed my medical marijuana card in the damn trash. I quit before and did feel better the middle of the third week,
    Nature’s calm, magnesium supplement tea helps and amino acid LTheanine

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    Unregistered Cannabis Rehab Guest


    Quote Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
    I've been smoking virtually every day for the last 2 years, and was at the point where I was smoking an O in a week. I quit 4 days ago, and the stomach problems are the worst of the symptoms. When I eat I can only eat in very small portions, and when I do I feel nauseous and cramping. I've woken up every night and puked up everything I'd eaten that day as though my body cant digest on its own anymore. I think this is from the rapid increase in metabolism that happens when you smoke. Im going to consult my doctor about it this week, if you want that information Id be happy to share.
    It will go away with time it’s just withdrawals. I have them every time i quit . When i smoke, i smoke. Weed withdrawals are real. Not crazy like heroin or those heavier drugs. It’s usually nausea, dry heaving, trouble swallowing food, exesive air in the stomach. Cold sweats. Only a true smoker and i mean a heavy smoker that actually quits cold turkey knows what this feels like. A remedy is to keep smoking, but then you don’t really quit. It’s your body telling you “hey, you smoked way too ****ing much and now you’re quitting and I’m gonna let you know how i feel about that”. Endure the pain because you smoked your way to that point. It will pass eventually. In a few months

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