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Thread: Marijuana withdrawal Upset Stomach Aches

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    Dingle Cannabis Rehab Guest

    Default Following up

    Quote Originally Posted by New fella View Post
    I think itís a weird combination of slowed digestion and the inability to eat releasing certain chemicals from fat cells. Check out roemheld syndrome. Iím not certain but I think the bloating comes from low stomach acid levels and slow digestion leading to carbs fermenting in the gut and releasing gas as well as pressure on the diaphragm from bloating (which increases heart rate and decreases lung capacity). If thatís right the key is low carb diet, protein shakes, lie in positions to release gas etc.
    Think you called it with slowed digestion. I brought it up to my primary doctor who's thinks it's a possibility (withdrawal effect on digestive) . Without getting graphic, food used to make its journey in a day. It takes three since quitting...but it's getting better. Fortunately I've always eaten clean.

    I got scoped on Tuesday. Doc noted minor gastritis and "benign neoplasm". Once the biopsy comes back, it'll rule in/out celiac or h.pylori (not to mention satisfy any hypochondria from googling it lol).

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    Leon Cannabis Rehab Guest

    Default Bowel issues day 3

    Hey all, Iím 18 years old and have smoked chronically daily since 13-14. I donít really have any direct problems relating to cannabis and my health, I simply wanted to try and quit for an extended amount of time as a test of self discipline. I never really expected serious withdrawals from cannabis but I guess after being semi dependent on it for years... itíll catch up to you. About 3 days ago i smoked the last of my bud and quit cold turkey after slightly weening off for a week or so before. Really the vivid dreams and insomnia are more of an annoyance, and Iím not having too much trouble coping with these effects, because I slightly expected them. but very minor cramping throughout my stomach starting after maybe a full 24 hours clean has me frustrated, to say the least. For the most part besides a stoner diet, Iíd say Iím otherwise healthy, no clinical diagnosisí as far as I know, and no other symptoms besides maybe night sweats, with that being said stomach cramping and indigestion definitely werent expected in terms of withdrawal symptoms, and genuinely had me confused and slightly concerned... especially when you look up any type of stomach pain and google tells you that you may have some type of more serious condition. With the heightened nerves without cannabis, my will power is definitely being put to the test. I plan on going to the doctor to see if the stomach pains are from something else, but based on what Iím seeing in this forum, I shouldnít be too concerned as Iím not getting any of the more adverse effects. I really appreciate this forum because it definitely calmed my anxiety regarding the stomach pain. However, I made the decision to write this, to help those of you who maybe are facing much worse symptoms, or maybe have smoked for much longer and suffered consequences directly from smoking. With that being said, if some 18 year old kid is willing to give it a shot, with no real serious reason to... those of you who are quitting for a more crucial reason or even to simply improve quality of life. You can do it. Trust me. Itíll get rough but you canít climb up a smooth mountain. Much love, thanks again to those of you who have been open with your symptoms and good luck with your quitting! Hopefully my stomach pain dies down soon, as itís pretty ****ing frustrating, and concerning if I lose sight of the fact that Iím withdrawing.

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