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Thread: Marijuana withdrawal Upset Stomach Aches

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    Unregistered Cannabis Rehab Guest

    Talking Marijuana detox Upset Stomach Aches

    I have been a pot smoker for 20 years, stopped 10 days ago-my anxiety and weeping are subsiding. Has anyone had problems with their stomach after stopping? After i eat i get a stomachache, every time i eat. Has anyone had this problem? Do you think I may have increased stomach acid because of all the tension and anxiety-thought I was going to rip someones head off in the beginning. Please give me your opinions. Keep it up all of you who are trying to quit-and God Bless.

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    Default Marijuana detox Upset Stomach Aches

    Hi welcome to the forum

    Stomach aches and sickness can be a symptom of anxiety and giving up marijuana can cause anxiety and upset your body in a number of different ways. So it’s probably just a symptom related to giving up. However if it persists you may want to get yourself checked out medically.

    Take care and I wish you the very best of luck.
    Cannabis Rehab Admin

    If you wish to Use then Use, Your Body Your Choice, You're NOT a Criminal and I wish you well!

    My Choice is to be Drug Rehabilitated for 13 years because I Chose to be free from its Control on me!

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    Unregistered Cannabis Rehab Guest

    Red face

    Giving up has gave me a ****ey stomach at times, it also made me pretty loose too.

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    Great! Something to luck forward to. Day One for me tomorrow!

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    Smile Go for it!

    Go for it A sorayabv ,there comes a time when we know that we need to make that change.This rehab group is very helpfull in that we can honestly discuss our real feelings about these matters.We also see that it is possible to get free of this habit.Take pride in your decision, take it one day at a time and be glad in what you have decided.Stay strong.

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    P-dog Cannabis Rehab Guest

    Unhappy Stomach ache!

    I am on day three of quitting and my stomach has been in a knot every since i woke up on day one! I am little shaky and what not too, is there anything like tums or something that helps?

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    Wink dodgy gutts

    yup i hav smoked for 7 years and when ever i cut down on the drug i get really bad stomach aches and it makes it hard to eat. this is definatly anxiety. Exercise can help these symptoms book yourself in down the gym and do sum cardio. and never just stop. ween yourself of very slowly. but dont indulge in your allday everyday habbit.

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    Unregistered Cannabis Rehab Guest

    Red face brian

    hi all great to hear im not alone been off 3days and getting bad pains too can anyone tell me how long it lasted with them also my mood is up and down every 3/4 hours and again how long has it lasted . any reply would be great and to anyone thinking of giveing up do! get your life back now it only gets harder. thanx

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    Hey Unregistered,

    not sure if what seems to be working for me will for you but i am eating small meals evry 2 hours or so. Seems like if i wait until i get hungry my stomach and body start freaking out on me.

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    Unregistered Cannabis Rehab Guest

    Cool Stomach cramps

    I just went cold turkey last week after smoking almost non-stop. Wow, my stomach hurt - was gassy & acid. I also completely lost my appetite, but kept forcing food down because if my stomach was empty the pain was far worse. After 6 days of it I got worried and thought at one point that I had an ulcer, but soon as I started smoking again it went away. Pepto Bismol really helps & so will antacids but if you take pepto don't be worried by black stool which is a side effect of bismuth. Tuna fish, vegetables, milk, mayonnaise, any oily food to coat my stomach would also reduce the pain, but probably the best idea is to not go cold turkey but gradually ween yourself instead.

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