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Thread: Weed withdrawal panic attacks

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    Default Weed withdrawal panic attacks

    Well I have been a regular drinker from 7 years and started smoking weed aswell from last six months
    I would smoke and drink haviley every day , gradually I started feeling my head was getting stiff and pressure was building in my forehead two weeks ago after drinking and smoking I went to sleep and next day at work I had a panic attack it was the worst thing ever happened to me, from last two weeks I have had two mild and and one full blown panic attack , I have quit smoking and drinking from two weeks , my sexual drive has diminished every time I think about sex it makes me anxious I am on xanax how long this episode will last can someone please help me understand how should I deal with it.

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    One of the side effects of xanax can include loss of interest in sex. You may want to talk to your doctor about alternative medications to treat your anxiety, xanax is one of the fastest acting and most powerful benzos, there are alternatives. If it is available to you and affordable, talking with a therapist once a week can also be helpful.

    Parts of this book are very dated, but it can be helpful in understanding anxiety and panic attacks and presenting some strategies for coping.

    I can't post a link yet because I have under 10 posts but google "Hope and Help for Your Nerves" you may be able to find a PDF.

    If you are able, try a yoga class and work on breathing exercises. It may seem strange, but talking 10 deep, slow, breaths and focusing on your breathing can help reduce some of the immediate anxiety you are feeling. Panic attacks and anxiety are terrible, but they will not physically hurt you. Try to remind yourself that it is a feeling, it is temporary, and it will pass.

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