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Thread: I'm just confused

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    Default I'm just confused

    Hello everyone.
    I am new to this website and feel as though a need a little guidance. Let me start with my back story.

    I live in South Africa Johannesburg. I started smoking weed when I was around 16, it turned into an everyday thing. Smoking almost 9 joints a day, still hitting pipes and bongs, it felt like something I could turn to when life was getting too much.

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    Hear me out though it started with these guys who I thought were my friends. I would always buy weed and supply the one friend asking for no extra payment. It started affecting my money badly. Hardly any money left over during the month because I blew about 80% of it in pot for me and this "friend" I consider this friend to be toxic.

    I am now 20 years old. I've been clean for a month and two weeks! I'm extremely proud of my self and I've cut off this toxic person. But the more I try to live my own life, the more they're trying to call me. Lastnight his mom even tried to phone me ? And it's making me stress for no reason. It's like the more I try to block them out the more they want to come back in and consume my life with their toxicity. The worst part is this guy is only a couple of houses away from me. I've become too scared to go out with other friends in fear of running into him. Because I know there will always be weed where he is. And I don't want that life anymore!!

    Another thing I'm concerned about it, since I've been smoking for so long.... Wil lthe affects on my memory ever go away? I fear it may have triggered some bipolar or something. And I would just really like someone to talk to. Or just some advice all in all.

    Since I've quit I've also managed to turn my life around. I'm an overweight guy. But I've changed my eating habits drastically and I go to gym almost every single day! I'm proud of myself because I've lost so much weight already ( a whopping 10kgs) and I'm just scared that this toxic person trying to constantly tick me off or get back at me affects it... And I don't want that. Ever!

    If you read all of this. Thank you in advance? And bless you!

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    Hi Wesley,

    Nice to meet you. Toxic friends can be hard, I know. The most troubling thing about what you wrote in your post, is that you have stopped going out because you are worried that you will run into them.

    Maybe it is a similar situation to relationships where you need to define and exert your boundaries. If you consistently behave in a way that shows this person you are no longer interested in a friendship, then I think that he will eventually get the message.

    It might be uncomfortable for a while, while you are maintaining your boundary, but I think that this will be character building.

    Congrats on 6 weeks of freedom!! It is so awesome You are doing a stunning job.

    When I quit, I got to a point where I was stressed that I had permanently damaged my brain, or that my memory would not come back. I googled a whole heap of stories from people who said that it does come back, it is just that the time period varies, and very soon I found that my creativity, problem solving and memory were a whole heap better. I was performing so much better at work at uni and social interaction was better too.

    I think you are probably in the same boat. Don't worry. I think that your memory will be back with a vengeance if you give yourself time.

    Congrats on the exercise and weight loss. You are doing a super job!


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    Congratulations bro! I hope to be feeling just as good soon!

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