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Thread: 4 years off weed today!!

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    Default 4 years off weed today!!

    OMG! I canít even believe how time has flown! A few minutes ago I received an email from this site congratulating me for my aniversary, I had completely forgot. Today Iím four years without smoking weed and wow man, I can now say that the first year was the hardest but after that, it gets so much easier. I switched to a healthier lifestyle, Iím drug free, except for vaping (Iím also 4 years and 5 months off cigarettes), and drinking ocasionally, but I donít feel any addiction is getting in the way. Iíve been working hard and living happier, Iím much more focused, my relationship also improved so much after I quit. My girlfriend has been with me since and helped me so much, sheís been the most supportive person ever, my mom is too, she was also there for me when I quit and helped me a lot. So, in conclusion I feel so much better and most important: I wanna tell everybody here that thereís nothing you canít do once you set your mind and your heart to it, if youíre struggling, I promise you will make it, youíll be fine and at the end you wonít even notice how time passes so fast. I was so moved and happy when I read so many comment in my thread from three years ago, Iím glad my post was able to inspire people and I hope this one does too, just like all the threads I read the first time I came here did. Thanks to all the people here too and love to you all, love yourselves and love others, therein lies the key to it all, thereís nothing love and courage canít do, so be brave, take the ride Ďcause itís so worth it. Be clean and free from all the chains.

    For assistance with finding a reputable and accredited Marijuana Rehab Service Provider in the USA you can call the US Governmentís FREE SAMHSAís National Helpline on:

    1-800-662-HELP (4357)

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    Hi there Je'dali,

    Congrats on four years. That is great.

    I am just wondering if you are still vaping cannabis? Because that means that you are essentially still using?

    Congrats on your cigarette quit too. That is amazing!

    Hope that life continues to inspire you

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