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Thread: HI I need support to quit

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    Default HI I need support to quit

    I am 40 years old, female, successful in business, but a pot head in life :-(

    I am sitting here really wanting to quit this bad habit of my lifetime, at least 25 years of smoking, years of daily smoking, I smoke a joint like a cig, from morning to night and I just want to stop, but I can't even start!!

    I am isolated now, I have no one around me thanks to my habit making me withdraw, most have given up on me.

    I guess I came on here looking for support as I really want to quit and get a life, any tips?

    Many thanks

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    Default You're not alone

    Hi Sally -- I'm 46, smoked for as long as you have, and legalization in California only increased my habit. I'm also a family man and successful at what I do. I quit 10 days ago.

    It's not easy, but I'm determined to take back my life, my leisure time, and my brain. You and I both know that if we don't stop (not slow down...STOP), our brains aren't going to hold up much longer. What made it clear that it was finally time to quit was something I'd never experienced before: having trouble remembering things. I work in Hollywood, and I pride myself on having an encyclopedic command of actors, directors, writers, films, all of it. If I'm not sharp, I'm not competitive, effective, worth having around. If you're successful in business -- just imagine how much MORE successful you'll be, how many new avenues will open up when you quit.

    If you're on this site, you're already on the right track. You may have read about withdrawal symptoms -- you can power through them. You're confident, you're strong, you're younger than you probably feel right now, and you know life will only get better when the haze clears. You can do it!

    Here's a start: throw it all away. All of it. Flush it, put the paraphernalia in the trash, delete dealer numbers, and start cleaning your house. Work up a sweat. Take a bath.
    One thing that worked for me early on -- watch a really emotional movie or tv show -- something you know will push your buttons. Or maybe your favorite album, music you really connect with. Cry it out. Feel what you've been missing. You don't need to be numb, and you need to remember what it feels like to FEEL. Your true brain chemistry is right there, underneath the surface, just waiting to come back. Be good to yourself, be patient with yourself. You'll be so proud with each passing day of being straight.

    I have to tell you -- it felt great even sitting down and writing this. I'm writing it to myself as much as to you. We'll beat it. Change is good, and this is a very good change.

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    Hi Sally & Unregistered,

    Sally--quitting is not easy but you can do it. It sounds like you really want to. I think an important thing to do is align yourself with support resources. You are on this forum which is great. I found great support at Marijuana Anonymous meetings. They have a great free app you can download with lots of good information. I think they have online meetings as well. I went to accupuncture/traditonal medicine, talked with my doctor, and started to exercise regularly. The exercise helped a great deal. I also saw a therapist for 4 or 5 months.

    I am at 6 and half months weed free, after a good 20 years of almost daily use. I won't sugar coat it--it has been a bit of a struggle. Annoying symptoms that can make you feel like you will never be normal again. But they are temporary and progressivly get better. I feel soooo much better than I did. And, honestly, I really don't miss it. I loved being high but now I just see it as part of my past and I remember how crappy I felt for the last 6 months of smoking. I knew it was time to quit. It's totally worth it!

    Some people have very few symptoms or even none at all. I had not smoked for 3 weeks in December 2016, and didn't have any problem. Fast forward a year and I had several symptoms. So everybody is different.

    Unregistered--How are you doing? You don't talk about withdrawal symptoms. Hopefully that means that you don't have any or many. I hope you are back to being sharp as a tack with your memory of actors, movies, etc.

    Hope this helps a bit. Good luck and keep us updated.
    All the best,

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    Default Just Do It!

    you have to make the effort,
    whether it be on your own or with professional help?

    attend meetings?

    i'm on day 4 of cold turkey.........

    i want to go to meetings to share and help others asap!

    it's important to have a support group or people who DON'T SMOKE to hang with!
    when the friends you have are only your friends because of the weed....then you can see who is realy a friend when you quit?

    for me i called up my mom who is in her 70's...i'm 53 (19 years smoking till 4 days ago)

    she used to smoke an ounce a week...
    so it was good to talk to her and cry.....yes 53 yr old crying to his mommy!
    but sometimes EVERYONE NEEDS A MOMMY shoulder to cry on!

    just do it,

    i'm in caly too and the legalization has just put me more into quitting than ever when i see what's going on!
    especially since all the tests are coming back with pestisides!
    really makes me wonder what else i've been smoking all these years....cough cough cough
    Good Luck

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    Best of luck to you, Unregistered.
    Check out Marijuana Anonymous. I found great support there.

    For assistance with finding a reputable and accredited Marijuana Rehab Service Provider in the USA you can call the US Government’s FREE SAMHSA’s National Helpline on:

    1-800-662-HELP (4357)


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