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Thread: 50 days clean. help!!

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    Default 50 days clean. help!!

    Question. Please help. Why do i still feel like crap??? One day im fine...the next i lay in bed w my heart racing...my stomsch is a mess. Im getting over this. Is it even worth it???? Im yelling ay my poor kids...i have no patience. Im on a damn roller coaster. My throat hurts. If thos is how im gonna feel then i might as well friggin give up. I was better off high. Please help. Is this normal. Its just weed!!! How could i still feel so bad???

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    Yes it is very normal, you were able to do 50 days that means only few weeks. It will get better after 60 days. You can do it! Remember if you smoke just one mj it will go back to square one.

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    Hey there 50 days clean,

    Sorry it took so long for anybody to reply to you.

    Sounds like you are on the "weed withdrawal roller coaster". It really is a roller coaster---just when you think you have turned the corner and are over it, another symptom pops up or a previous symptom returns. Many people on here report similar stories. That was my story as well.

    Hopefully you are 50 days + however many days it is from 7/29, clean. I would encourage you to not give up! It will get better!! But the road can be bumpy and it will (could) take longer than a few months. For me, I felt like I had turned a small corner around the 3-ish month mark, and then again around 5 months. I am at 7 and half months now and feel like most of it is behind me. Still have some depression but lots of people who never used cannabis have depression too. Soooo....

    I tried a number of things to help me through this. I started to exercise regularly which has helped tremendously. I saw a therapist for a few months, talked to my doctor, started going to Marijuana Anonymous meetings weekly--they have a great free app with lots of good information and support. The app has a counter that keeps track of your days/months clean. I have to say this small feature was great! Provides a visual of your progress. I feel a great sense of satisfaction looking at it now with 226 days free of cannabis! You will get to this point too! The people at the meetings were great for support. Most had been through the same thing and it was great to see people who have actually made it to the other side. I'm pretty sure there are online meetings. I also did some accupunture/traditional medicine stuff. And of course, this site was a big help to me as well. Being able to talk about it to others and read/listen to others' stories was a really big emotional help for me.

    I hope this helps you out a little. Hang in there and let us know how you are doing.
    All the best,

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