My withdrawal symptoms are nearly gone..

No more anxiety no more hot flashes.
i have walked inside or to the kitchen thinking Oh, i'll take a puff...then remembered I quit, LOL

keeping it to one cup of coffee in the am, although i will feel like having a cup later in the day, but resist and have water or juice.

I have zero desire to be high or to get high.
Zero desire to see people get high and watch their countenance change to stupidity.
YET, I STILL have an ounce of weed locked in the safe but threw out all paraphernalia.
I think i'm going to plan an event where I ditch the weed in celebration.

I'm enjoying remembering my dreams again!
Good stuff in dreams, some say God speaks to us in our dreams.
As a child, dreams were always vivid and weird....that's good to get back again!
Some say we work out the problems of the day in our dreams...
I think they are great entertainment at a minimum.

Most of all I enjoy feeling the presence of God & his Love around me infinitely!
I enjoy being closer to him again!
You know the moments when you are alone with no distractions, just quiet and peaceful.
I can feel the presence of a higher power in the room chilling with me!
THERE IS JOY again in my life, i'm singing praises and playing guitar!

For assistance with finding a reputable and accredited Marijuana Rehab Service Provider in the USA you can call the US Government’s FREE SAMHSA’s National Helpline on:

1-800-662-HELP (4357)

Still dealing with the phlegm but after nearly 20 years of being a pot-smoker...
..i should expect that to take some time to clear up, hopefully soon.
Hard work and play really bring the junk up!

I still get up in the night to pee because of BPH.
SO, I'll just have some breakfast foods and turn on the TV to watch someone like Dr. Melissa Scott, she's awesome, but i usually fall back asleep before it's over.
but good vibes in my heart, eyes, and ears from even 5 minutes of watching.

I still feel like a fool for being deceived for so many years!

I liked myself before getting high and had no real issues or major personality defects, so it's nice to be ME AGAIN!
I'm far more aggressive as myself, that was always one of the reasons I'm a hard worker!
It's also one of the characteristics I have to watch closely when driving or dealing with stupid people!

Hard Work and Hard Play also greatly facilitate quitting weed for me!
The belief that neither I, nor anyone I know are the most powerful being in my life TRULY IS GOLDEN!

The money i'm saving is impressive and i'm donating more of it.
Like when you check out at the cash register at Walmart and cashier asks to give....heck $5 no problem!
for every dollar i give away, i get $7 back! some weird Cosmic Plot at play again.
and listening to it's advice has always been the way to success for me.

I retired at age 34, and aside from spending money on my house....and with the money i'm saving not buying, smoking, and being stupid on pot (Click to buy when high)...
..(we're talking 1000's per year!) should be good till i can get my IRA's in 6.5 years!

Another result of the Cosmic Plot!

Ok, Have a Great and wonderful day.
find another person who is trying to quit or has older brother and I are both sober now.