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Thread: Caffeine & Pot Withdrawals

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    Desert Newt Cannabis Rehab Guest

    Cool Day 26 -Withdrawal symptoms nearly gone!

    My withdrawal symptoms are nearly gone..

    No more anxiety no more hot flashes.
    i have walked inside or to the kitchen thinking Oh, i'll take a puff...then remembered I quit, LOL

    keeping it to one cup of coffee in the am, although i will feel like having a cup later in the day, but resist and have water or juice.

    I have zero desire to be high or to get high.
    Zero desire to see people get high and watch their countenance change to stupidity.
    YET, I STILL have an ounce of weed locked in the safe but threw out all paraphernalia.
    I think i'm going to plan an event where I ditch the weed in celebration.

    I'm enjoying remembering my dreams again!
    Good stuff in dreams, some say God speaks to us in our dreams.
    As a child, dreams were always vivid and weird....that's good to get back again!
    Some say we work out the problems of the day in our dreams...
    I think they are great entertainment at a minimum.

    Most of all I enjoy feeling the presence of God & his Love around me infinitely!
    I enjoy being closer to him again!
    You know the moments when you are alone with no distractions, just quiet and peaceful.
    I can feel the presence of a higher power in the room chilling with me!
    THERE IS JOY again in my life, i'm singing praises and playing guitar!

    Still dealing with the phlegm but after nearly 20 years of being a pot-smoker...
    ..i should expect that to take some time to clear up, hopefully soon.
    Hard work and play really bring the junk up!

    I still get up in the night to pee because of BPH.
    SO, I'll just have some breakfast foods and turn on the TV to watch someone like Dr. Melissa Scott, she's awesome, but i usually fall back asleep before it's over.
    but good vibes in my heart, eyes, and ears from even 5 minutes of watching.

    I still feel like a fool for being deceived for so many years!

    I liked myself before getting high and had no real issues or major personality defects, so it's nice to be ME AGAIN!
    I'm far more aggressive as myself, that was always one of the reasons I'm a hard worker!
    It's also one of the characteristics I have to watch closely when driving or dealing with stupid people!

    Hard Work and Hard Play also greatly facilitate quitting weed for me!
    The belief that neither I, nor anyone I know are the most powerful being in my life TRULY IS GOLDEN!

    The money i'm saving is impressive and i'm donating more of it.
    Like when you check out at the cash register at Walmart and cashier asks to give....heck $5 no problem!
    for every dollar i give away, i get $7 back! some weird Cosmic Plot at play again.
    and listening to it's advice has always been the way to success for me.

    I retired at age 34, and aside from spending money on my house....and with the money i'm saving not buying, smoking, and being stupid on pot (Click to buy when high)...
    ..(we're talking 1000's per year!) should be good till i can get my IRA's in 6.5 years!

    Another result of the Cosmic Plot!

    Ok, Have a Great and wonderful day.
    find another person who is trying to quit or has recently...my older brother and I are both sober now.

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    Desert Newt Cannabis Rehab Guest

    Smile Day 74 Update

    I have zero withdrawal symptoms at day 74, aside from the Phlegm specks which are always a reminder of the abuse i partook in.
    Can't wait till the Phlegm specks are gone, but realize it could take a year.

    It still amazing how much long buried memories come back...and playing Jeopardy at home..i can remember information and give answers that long ago seemed to have faded.

    There have been times when under stress or great Anxiety, i've acknowledged...'ok, this would have been when i'd normally puff my brains out to feel better'.

    I've had a few dreams now where i'm being tempted to smoke weed, can clearly see the bud in my pipe during the dream.
    but even in my dreams i acknowledge i've quit. Had plenty of folks showing me their weed, i'll sniff the container as they always stick it in my face..... but have zero desire to puff.

    i did give away that last ounce of dried-out home grown i had been sitting on.

    I think my quitting has set an example for a few of my friends & acquaintances who have commented how much calmer and mature my behavior has become.
    i think one of the bad things i did under weed was react/act and go off on tangents more..be it behavior, spending, or just talk.
    I'm now dealing with the repercussions of some of those bad decisions over the years when being high every waking hour.

    Only one cup of coffee in the mornings, rarely a 2nd cup in a single day.
    I haven't gotten back into swimming & hiking yet as i'm too busy working on my house...physically draining/hard work all the same though.

    Going to ride my XR650R into the desert today!
    We have such warm November weather with 75°F in the day & 55° at nights..not normal but i'll take it (good to be painting the cabin et. al.)

    Definitely playing guitar and singing more, nice to get a good song as an ear-worm in the mornings!
    I'd still like to get to an MA meeting if could find one locally.
    It would be good to share and have fellowship with others going through this.

    All best to you dear reader!

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    Melbourne, Australia


    Hey Desert Newt!!

    Nice to meet you! 74 (and counting) days is amazing!! That is 10.6 weeks! You are completely killing it!
    It is so good to hear that you are noticing that your mind is working more effectively and you are managing your anxiety without weed! So cool.

    Congrats on turfing the last of your stash of weed too! An ounce of home grown is a significant amount, so I am glad you are no longer sitting on it. I actually found the last of my stash in a bedroom drawer a couple of months ago. This was about 2.5 years after I quit and in the middle of an episode of mental illness. I already thought I was in a LOT of trouble, so I wanted to get rid of the evidence asap, hehe. I ended up turfing the last of the nasty crap, all those little baggies, and a bit sadly, a beautiful blown glass pipe which allowed me to smoke dope without tobacco. Meh! What do I need the pipe for? I don't plan on ever smoking again!

    It sounds like your quit is leading to lots of positive behaviours in other areas of your life as well. I think that quitting weed can definitely do this. It helps us to feel like we have more control of our lives, and then it is easier to make other changes too. I found the same. One thing definitely led to another and it was a kind of domino effect with kicking negative things in my life!

    Are you getting a song in your head in the mornings too? Is that what you call the ear worm? I STILL get that, and I LOVE it! Someone else on this forum mentioned the same thing. Maybe it is a post cannabis thing!

    I hope you can find an MA group locally, but it sounds like you are a bit remote? So good that you at least found this board to share your experiences with others. I think it really helps!

    Reflecting back on the things we did under the influence, is very natural I think, but I can assure you that the sting lessens with time, and self awareness.

    Really hope you have a fantastic week. Keep up the good work! It is so worth it :-) And now you know it! You are completely doing it!

    Take care,
    :-) Alice

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    Desert Newt Cannabis Rehab Guest

    Smile Thanks Sweet Alice!

    yes, the ear worms can last for days...good songs i play guitar and sing...or even if i go to church and hear some cool music..it sticks in my ear for days!

    Your words are so tender, loving, and encouraging ... i've got watery eyes!
    In this cruel hard world it's refreshing to have your input and know you exist!
    I find it hard to believe you have any mental issues IMO, you're probably more normal and healthy than most of us!
    I'd like to give you a hug! and i'd probably cry like a little baby....

    i've got the most challenging period of my life right now and the positive things you said will stay with me this week!

    Keep up the good work, we definitely appreciate your input and words and presence here!
    You are an angel!
    Wish you were my neighbor!

    Kindest Regards,
    Desert Newt......a.k.a. Pitownpi (you can look that one up!)

    P.S. BTW....what's going on here;
    I've lived here for 17 years and the neighborhood was a nice remote community.
    We'd share fruit from one neighbors small orchard and going skiing together in the local mountains of Big Bear.
    We had a wildfire in 2006 and became really close cleaning up and supporting each other.
    then in 2014.....an internet blogger trust-fund-baby from London bought the next door property and then decided he wanted to buy my place too.
    he also bought a 1.8million dollar home in Venice Beach, property in Vegas and drives Porsche, Lamborghini up/down the dirt road during his seldom visits.
    I told him i wasn't interested in selling unless he gave me a ridiculous amount to sell, so his strategy turned into harassment.
    he even hired a two-strike-felon (for felony stalking) to follow me around!
    Bizarre! he's got plenty of employees who obviously have been given instructions to cause me pain.
    i avoid driving up/down the road for fear of encountering them....good thing i'm self contained and quite happy to be here on the property 24/7.

    I have deer, bobcat, hawks, fox, coyote, quail visiting almost everyday and being a good steward of the land has always been my priority.
    I enjoyed getting high and just watching all the critters from the kitchen window where there is a small coy pond for them to get water.
    Now I JUST ENJOY WATCHING THEM with my morning cup of coffee..
    The experience is NOT LESSENED without weed!!!!

    Now the new kid next door converted all the horse, chicken, pig stables to apartments for entertaining & rental.
    He's put in a music studio in a poorly sound-proofed metal building;
    the pounding music, lights and destruction of peace and quiet is simply an abomination.
    Funny, the uber rich never have enough money it seems and turning a residential neighborhood into a profit center justified.
    Where the deer used to roam, one can see folks pulling down their pants and taking Selfies.....
    or dressed in furry costumes holding their smartphones in the air to try and get reception.
    LA crowd of kinda stupid people if you get my drift.
    Last week they were racing the sports cars up/down the dirt road revving engines and doing burnouts....

    It turns out when i purchased my place 17 years ago, there were some unpermitted additions...at the time, it wasn't an issue and for 17 years i never gave it a 2nd thought.
    Now the new kid did some research and found this out and reported me to the county building and safety.
    so i've been given code violations for illegal structures and been told to legalize them or demolish.
    Can you imagine living someplace and being told that 25 years ago the original builder/contractor/owner didn't finalize 1995 permit for garage/ADA compliant apartment where my mom & dad live.

    It's my worst nightmare and ordinarily valid enough excuse to just be stoned out of my mind if not even go jump off a bridge...
    but i'm not tempted to do either, and just pushing on to get the place ready to sell to the highest bidder.
    The costs to legalize these pre-existing structures will just be like 2-3 years of my living expenses.
    the threats made by the county are fines, liens, and even criminal actions.
    Plenty of places in the desert are slums but i've been singled out due to the complaint lodged by the uber-rich kid who probably spends only a few days a month next door.
    Bizarre nightmare for sure..i have no place to go. this place is irreplaceable....

    so, anxiety rides high..but that's the only thing that's high!
    It's strengthening my character hopefully without breaking me.
    I feel happy but stressed each day.
    It's time to leave and move on if i can even sell with all the issues i'll disclose to new buyer..
    they'll probably be so rich that tearing down things won't be an issue.
    i have to find a place for my parents that's ADA compliant and they are really even too old to travel far.
    Meanwhile the uber rich asshat rubs his hands together greedily watching my demise of a sort.

    It's so strange & bizarre, the realtors have never even heard of someone getting the county on their case as this.

    I hope all who are going through struggles, trials, and tribulations can have some peace and relief and deal with it all without resorting back to substance abuse!
    What doesn't kill us will make us stronger!
    Luv from the piman!

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    Jul 2015
    Melbourne, Australia

    Default You're welcome!! Hang in there :-)

    Hey Desert Newt,

    Thanks for your kind words. I appreciate them very much!
    It sounds like you are feeling quite emotionally vulnerable yourself at the moment! This seems to happen to me too, when I give up an addiction. It is perfectly normal, and it even works to make you more emotionally available and open to the people around you.
    Your Flckr account looks really interesting. Are you on Instagram by any chance? I would love to follow you!

    What a rat your neighbour is. I am so sorry this is happening to you. What a pain. Moving is never fun, but I can imagine that if it is being forced on you, it would be even more stressful. I guess at the end of the day you will do what needs to be done. I would say that staying true to your quit is definitely the best for you. Quite often, these kinds of things can happen for a reason, or will uncover some other opportunity. In that case, you will be in a much better position to learn and take advantage of opportunities with a clear head.

    The fact that you can appreciate observing the critters outside your house without weed is a VERY good sign! It says to me that your mental neurochemistry is rewiring nicely, and you are able to find pleasure in things that are important to you.

    Best wishes for a favourable outcome to this sticky situation you are in. Are you planning to find somewhere else in the country to live? You obviously put a lot of value on nature!

    Take care and enjoy your weekend :-)

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    Desert Newt Cannabis Rehab Guest

    Default 4 Months clean...Merry Christmas!

    i quit August 24, 2018, so my Christmas present to myself today is 4 months/124 days of No Puff!

    For assistance with finding a reputable and accredited Marijuana Rehab Service Provider in the USA you can call the US Government’s FREE SAMHSA’s National Helpline on:

    1-800-662-HELP (4357)

    Sleeping much better now, aside from getting up to pee as us older dudes often do.

    My situation with packing and moving has proven to be a test of patience & sanity, completely unrelated to any withdrawal (which has long since passed).
    After 18 years in one place, been having to excavate myself from layer after layer of stuff mostly related to contractor work.
    I've come to realize that being stoned for last 18 years hasn't helped me to accumulate less.

    20 years ago, i owned 2 suitcases and a bicycle and had just finished working/traveling in 34 countries, two trips around the world, once in each direction.
    that took 12 years. some part of me wishes to be so free again! but the old part of me needs a place to call home.

    Despite the high Anxiety related to the selling of my home & no place to call home identified for the future;
    i haven't jumped off a bridge or put any weed into my system.
    Oh, i even have been snowboarding first time without being high.
    and it's been just as fun, i'm a little more aggressive though as is my nature.
    Weed sorta took the edge off made me more cautious.
    Now at 54, i continue to pass all the 'whelps' by as they flip around like monkeys...ME IN hardboots & plate setup on a Prior 4WD snowboard.

    I continue to acknowledge; i'd be getting stoned often and frequently, had i gone through this high anxiety selling and moving home process 5-6 months ago.
    I suppose a certain part of me still wishes i had that escape available..but no cravings or such.

    My phlegm remains tainted with blackish flecks and that's the only reminder i need to never smoke weed again.

    4 months feels longer than it reads in numbers.
    but that's 1/3 a year!

    I'm storing things in storage units and will crash at my brothers shack only about 20 miles away close to the Joshua Tree National Park.
    he has also quit (8 months or so) and we are still buddies as we've always been close growing up!

    Looking at a new homes constantly on Zillow et. al.
    seems i'm leaving the most wonderful place i could ever find!
    Nothing compares, just couldn't afford to stay here and fight the county and the code violations.
    Prices of homes have doubled or tripled in the 18 years i've been here.
    it's shocking to look and see what stuff costs across the board.

    Rest assured the new chapter of my life will not include weed in any form......where ever i end up!

    Hope all have a great Holiday and wonderful 'weedless' 2019.

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