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Thread: Longtime 10 pm smoker mixed with 2-3 tall cans slurring issue?

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    Default Longtime 10 pm smoker mixed with 2-3 tall cans slurring issue?

    Hey guys newbie here love your forum. Let me say I stopped smoking after almost 30 years after 10 at night a bowl or 2 pretty consistently. This year I had lost 15-20 lbs I may have digestive issues that contributed to my weight going down though after falling back off the ladder (should of been steps going down to get to the basement) I landed on my wrist.

    Broke my wrist cut open my head maybe suffered mild concussion.
    Weight loss brain frog almost thinking the worst could of happened.i then decided after having a couple of tall cans beer mixed with a bowl I had decided to lay off the weed forever.

    A lingering issue I've had for a couple years now I slurr the odd word.
    Especially when I smoke nightly 7 days a week though not smoking for a few weeks now it has only improved slightly my speech that it is.
    I did mention this to my doctor before he left for vacation last week he mentioned
    We may start with a stomach doctor.
    I did have a colonoscopy 5-6 years ago and I did have hyperthyroidism 4-5 years ago
    It was fixed then though thyroid is fine now.

    Last year a stomach Doctor did a bunch of tests said I was fine.

    I don't really know where to turn. As I have stomach issues weight loss feel bloated after every meal.


    Would chronic weed usage mixed with beer lead to slurring the odd word?

    Embarrassing people think I'm drunk during the day I'm not.

    Brain Doctor? I did have a cat scan when I broke my wrist and my brain scan was looked at. Told brain seemed fine.
    I'm not sure where to turn
    This would be my second stomach Doctor that checks me out coming up.

    Any guesses as to where to go or look up?

    Thanks for looking guys.

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    Desert Newt Cannabis Rehab Guest

    Smile Give your body some time to heal.

    Yes pot and alcohol can cause long term slurring.
    That's why it's important to quit and give your body time to heal.
    I mean at least a year I'd say!

    For assistance with finding a reputable and accredited Marijuana Rehab Service Provider in the USA you can call the US Government’s FREE SAMHSA’s National Helpline on:

    1-800-662-HELP (4357)

    consider the long term effects, took 30 years to get to the point you are at.
    Don't expect complete healing in under a year...if so then excellent.
    but to me seems after 20 years i've done some harmful crappola to myself and hopefully after 1-2 years those bad things might heal!
    like coughing up phlegm with black specs!
    heck the research i read says it could take years for my lungs to heal as far as bringing the chance of cancer down to 'normal'
    so, on week 7 of cold turkey....i feel great!

    the mental clarity is amazing and i'm remembering long forgotten things from my past.
    Name and Places in my history are suddenly available again!

    Good Luck and be patient!

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