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Thread: I need help with quitting......I cant do it myself

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    Quote Originally Posted by Danny D View Post
    Hey There Everyone,

    I would like to introduce myself and then explain what I'm going through. My name is Danny and i'm a married 34 year old male living in Toronto.

    I have been smoking weed since I was 14 (grade 9) but have been smoking daily for 13 years. I used to enjoy it and look forward to it, but it has now become an addiction. It just became legal in Canada yesterday which is what has pushed me to quit. If I don't quit now I may never quit as it is becoming extremely accessible. I have tried to quit many times but I always fail. I lie to my friends and family about my habit but worst of all I lie to my wife. She has wanted me to stop since we met 5 years ago. I always told her I slowed down or that I stopped but it's all a lie. I hardly even have sex with my wife. It's embarrassing. I smoke every single day and when i'm not smoking i'm looking forward to the next time. When i'm almost out my anxiety goes through the roof.

    I used to be a confident, athletic, and social man who just absolutely loved life and people. Now I am isolated, anti social, have severe anxiety, and am overweight. My marriage is not doing well and thats because I put weed first, not my wife. Hell....i smoked weed on my wedding day.

    A major issue I have is being successful at work. I have zero motivation and worst of all i'm a Casino Dealer which is basically the worst job ever for anybody with bad anxiety. People are rude and I constantly have to put on a happy face even though i'm dead inside. I had other jobs but i lost motivation, and either quit or was fired. It's so hard to find a decent job these days that I can't leave because i'll be screwed. I have a mortgage and all my other bills to pay. Just thinking about going to work kills me inside.

    Basically I just need help. Im at a loss and I don't know what to do. I take several medications for depression as well as stomach issues and I don't want to take them anymore. They changed me. I'm not myself anymore. I have not been for a long time. I want to love life and be the gut I know I can be. I want to be SUCCESSFUL. I have begun to teach myself coding in hoped of a better future career. I am even thinking of going back to school part time. But again.....motivation....or lack of is killing my dreams and my relationships.

    Does anybody know if my motivation or personality will return? Will my severe anxiety get better? I don't want to feel this way anymore.

    Please help. Thank you all for listening.
    Set new goals, get rid of old habits that kill you. After all, it is no secret that smoking marijuana greatly affects mental health, apathy appears to everything. Change yourself and change everything around you: instead of kosyachka - go in for sports, instead of suffering nonsense - read a useful book. Perfection every day, and so every day. Look for goals for yourself in everything that you do, achieve them, increase your importance and self-esteem!

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    U described ur situation pretty well, dead inside and have to put a happy face on. Bro I know the cure because I was there.

    U need to take on more hobbies that you choose and truly enjoy, than ur character will shine again. Changing ur perspective on work will help too.

    Yeah casino dealer I can imagine how ppl r rude. I experience the same and I think we all do and I think we all some times are rude.

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    1-800-662-HELP (4357)

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