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I am 49 smoked since I was 16 on day 102 this post makes me feel like whats the point.When I'm 82 I will feel normal great.
Hey Seriously. No offence to the person concerned, but I would take that advice with a grain of salt.
Everyone is different and everyone's experience is different.
I started to feel some improvement at 6 weeks, and at about three months where you are now, I got some really intense cravings and symptoms for a few weeks. I think it was because the last of the receptors were dying off. After that point, I noticed considerable improvements in all areas of my life up to about 2 years.
Some other people on the site suffered from PAWS, but even for them, it didn't take them 30 years to get over it. I would say that on the whole those people are doing well a year or so after they began their quit.
Alice :-)

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