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Thread: Seeking Information about Side Effects

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    Default Seeking Information about Side Effects

    I have been using a THC edible for about 10 months for sleep only (10-15mg at night). I tried to taper to five for a few days and am stopping. I would like to know what to expect from real people, not generic web sites.

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    Hi Unregistered,
    I personally don't have any experience with withdrawal from 'edibles' myself, however, I had success wtih both tapering and stopping cannabis. What would you like to know about what to expect? I expect that you are going to find that your concentration is poorly for a while, that you may have trouble sleeping for some time, and that you might feel a lack of pleasure in things that you do for a while. While all of these things are uncomfortable and unfun, they do pass.

    I would suggest searching this forum for the word 'edible' to see if there are any other people who have had experiences that you can find real life stories about.

    Good luck and please let us know how you go.
    Alice :-)

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