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Thread: Can't sleep anxiety depression insomnia

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    Glad to hear your ok, keep your chin up mate and bust through these last few weeks, summer holidays will be here soon.
    To be at school these day must be a lot worse than when I was a little scrot. We never had Facebook, Instagram or anything like that, come to think of it no internet or mobile phones, now that is old, FML I'm old.

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    Just wanted to give an update.... currently on day 96, and I have not felt this good in probably 2 years. Today was pretty much anxiety free and was pretty mellow. Closing in on the end of the school year, which I am very happy about. Also very happy to be this many days sober. My anxiet which has been my main issue is slowly but surely getting less and less of an issue. My dreams have also not been bad, although I still dream pretty much every night they are not nightmares and they seem to be getting less and less of a thing the further I get. I am doing great! Just need to go another 3 months to hopefully feel much much better... and so on....


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    Terrific news! Great to hear.
    Your cannabis free days are approaching the "3 digit" mark.

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