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Thread: 25 years heavy use 4 days into quitting

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    25 year user Cannabis Rehab Guest

    Default 25 years heavy use 4 days into quitting

    I'm not sure whether starting my own thread is the thing to do here, let me know if this is ok, or maybe i should post in an existing thread?
    I'm a 41 yr old single male in the U.K. I have been high almost all, well.....ALL of my adult life, other drugs have come and gone but none have have the hold on me that the Herb has! I don't take any other drugs on a regular basis and don't have any desire or need to take anything else, except Nicotine, I vape my Nicotine as I stopped Smoking tobacco on June 24th 2018 . My Problems seems to have come to the forefront after giving up tobacco, Smoking pure joints seemed the way to go as here in the U.K. most of us mix tobacco and Herb, getting of the tobacco seemed the most important thing to do for my health at the time as I started smoking tobacco before I found Cannabis. I feel a lot better physically for it and have no desire to ever smoke tobacco again! But the herb has bitten back, Severe anxiety kicked in after just one puff of a joint or hit from a pipe, even low grade hash caused near panic attacks, The Herb as always made me a touch anti-social, especially in social situations, but it has taken me a hell of a long time to get to this point, I'm talking smoking all day long, Breakfast till bed, everyday for over 25+ years!!!!!!!
    I succesfully managed a hydroponic/grow shop for the last 6 years but recently Quit my job after a long time debating this change, due to problems with the directors, the way the business was run, a touch of a mid life crisis and FOMO. So I took the winter off and surfed on a tropical island, gradually decreasing my cannabis intake, i was only able to get a low grade bush out there so my tolerance to Herb had gone and tried to only smoke after dark, even the low grade caused me to not want to socialize and as I was traveling solo this didn't help me enjoy my holiday( or vacation for the USA crew) to its full potential. On my return to the U.K. and resuming my consumption of High grade herb, combined with not working and having a tropical ulcer on my foot so exercise is not possible for a while till it heals, the Anxiety came back stronger than ever and after 6 weeks back, numerous attempts to enjoy being high didn't work and concerned for my mental health, I decided to QUIT.
    So here I am 96 hours since my last Toke/consumption of any cannabis product. I'm hoping posting here will help me discuss, maybe get some support, and possibly verbalize my struggle, and I have found it hard to find any support network here in the U.K. online or in person. I have a small group of good friends 90% of them Smoke Herb but they are all supportive as they just want what's best for me, so i am lucky in that respect. But
    I can't sleep, I'm constipated, have headaches, neck aches, sweaty Armpits that stink straight from the shower, I'm getting agitated very easily, and still feel stoned/dazed and a touch lost. And Don't get me started on the dreams vivid/bizarre/life altering Dreams........ that stay with me allay long, Although my anxiety has all but gone, the want/need to be high remains and is strong. I'm sure this is all normal and I know everyone feels/deals/responds differently to Cannabis withdrawl. Will this get better soon, have you guys experienced all of these symptoms? I'm taking 5-HTP to help as I do realize that my addiction is probably due to self-medication for a mild to moderate depression i have dealt with all my life... Some help with all or any of these problems would be greatly received.
    The 25 year user!

    For assistance with finding a reputable and accredited Marijuana Rehab Service Provider in the USA you can call the US Government’s FREE SAMHSA’s National Helpline on:

    1-800-662-HELP (4357)

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    Default Four days and counting!!

    Hi there!
    Congratulations on your quit. In my experience the benefits of quitting cannabis are very rewarding and can bring significant improvements to our cognition, emotional and social skills and physical health.

    The symptoms that you describe sound very normal to me. Hopefully others will weigh in on whether they experienced your symptoms. For me, agitation was definitely a feature. It can be uncomfortable, but you can learn to manage it, and also it doesn't last forever.

    I think that what you are planning to do by coming to this support forum to express your frustrations, feelings, hopes and also to get support was one of the biggest factors for me in a successful quit. There is something about belonging to a group that helps you to believe that it is possible to quit. And guess what? It definitely is.

    In the first few days, life can be quite challenging. I found that both when I was quitting cigarettes and cannabis that some of the best ways to both pass time and stay in the positive mindset is to read and read and read other people's stories. I would encourage you to explore this site and to use it to build and strengthen your quit muscle.

    Good luck. It is so worth it!!
    Alice :-)

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    Wow! Quite a story, 25 year user.
    Welcome to the site. I think a good move to start your own thread. I never did have my own thread but probably should have.

    Not sure if you read through the years of posts here. There is a lot of helpful information. I found it incredibly helpful to read about other people having the same symptoms as I had. And it sounds to me like you've got a bunch of them. Really sorry to read that.

    It also sounds like you have quite a bit of resolve to make a change to your life by quitting weed. Congratulations! It can really be a struggle but it is worth it. These symptoms will eventually get better. Get some phsyllium husk for your constipation. That was the easiset symptom to treat for me. Otherwise there is a fair amount of taking it one day at a time and getting through it. Try to be good to yourself and do things that make you feel good.

    And use resources available to you such as this site and your friends for support. I found Marijuana Anonymous (MA) very helpful. There happens to be a meeting in my town. I went for about 3 months and it was a huge help. They have an excellent website too.

    I got high for about 20 years, just about every day. I quit on January 1, 2018. Not gonna lie, it wasn't easy. I was lucky in that I had no desire to use anymore. But I had several of the symptoms you list above. Sleep was the worst for me. In fact, I still have some sleep trouble, but no where near what it was last year. Try to just accept it for what it is, knowing that it will not be forever. And one day at a time. What you are doing is a big deal and not easy. But it will be sooo worth it.

    Looking forward to reading how you are doing!
    Your "vacation" sounds like it was terrific!
    John (your friendly American :-)
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    25 year user Cannabis Rehab Guest

    Default 5 days and counting

    Thanks guys,
    Its hard work as you know, but physically I feel a lot better today, I have increased my 5 HTP dosage to 3 x 100mg per day, this seems to have stopped the headache a little and makes me feel less nervy/irritable, I somehow managed 6 hours sleep last night possibly due to my lack of ZZZzzs this week, but of course I had some weird/vivid dreams so i'm sure I woke up a few times and it wasn't the best type of sleep, I have picked up some work in a Carpark over looking a beautiful beach here in the SW of U.K. and the surf has been pumping, I can't surf yet due to my ulcerated wound still not healing, but the view is amazing, and being amongst nature and working with the general public is great therapy. I even felt alot more relaxed around the boss (who also owns the Hydroponic/grow shop I was managing). I have Thought about consuming weed after work quite a few times, and even smoking a cigarette, but ive been smashing the Vape and I've come this far and don't want to fail, I'm fairly strong willed when I need to be, so am rewarding myself with a short siesta in a moment to try to recover some lost sleep hours, weirdly day time sleeping seems a lot easier, and i'm not punishing myself for vaping more than normal, its only at 6% nicotine anyway down from 9% so really its no big deal.
    I never want to underestimate this addiction as i know the mind works in mysterious ways, and many people justify using again before the withdrawl period is done, but so far, so good, one hour/day/week at a time. I'm looking forward to reaching one week clean (do I sound like a true Junkie) this would be the longest I have ever been with out consuming.(in fact 5 days already is the longest period in over 10 years but 1 week sounds better and is a milestone achievement) In respect of Marijuana Anonymous I have seen their website and have viewed it and all the you tube videos on the subject, but they don't have any meetings outside of London, the only face to face support close to here is A.A. or class A drug rehabs. I don't really want to attend these as although I don't take cannabis addiction lightly, I don't believe it to be as all consuming as Alcohol or hard drugs withdrawl/addiction. So day 5 is going great and I'm looking forward to my appointment at the Surgery tomorrow and am hoping to be given some good news on when i can return to the Pool/Surfing, I may even resume Yoga classes tomorrow as the damaged ligaments i had sustained at the same time as my ankle wound feel much better, if only this damn wound would heal i could exercise properly......... until tomorrow

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    Hey 25 year user,
    It is great to hear you are finding things that are helping. I have heard of 5 HTP, but never done any research or tried it myself. Although I hope you are being careful when taking this supplement for side effects and interactions it is good to hear that it is working for you.

    I am guessing that the 'thoughts' of an after work smoke will persist for a little while, but it is like cigarettes in the fact that every time you overcome the thought or indeed the urge, it gets a little bit easier next time, until eventually, those kinds of thoughts don't bother you at all.

    Hope you got some good news with regard to your ulcer and your return to the water. It is kind of funny to hear you talking about surfing in the UK. I am living in Australia and I never picked the UK as somewhere where you would bust out your surfboard, hehe.

    Hope your week continues well :-)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Alice View Post
    It is kind of funny to hear you talking about surfing in the UK. I am living in Australia and I never picked the UK as somewhere where you would bust out your surfboard, hehe.

    Hope your week continues well :-)
    Thanks Alice,
    I have lived on the Gold coast for a year with my Aussie Ex, and have surf travelled loads, Caribbean, Africa, Most of Europe, Indian Ocean, And I always hear the same Question "Can you actually surf in the U.K.?" Its one of the few places left in this world where you can surf alone if you search a little and don't mind wetsuits, aside from a few heavy Reefs, they're not quite the pitching death barrels you get in Indo or Hawaii, but we get great waves here in the South West (Atlantic) all year round, and the East coast (North sea) is Pumping in the Winter, Scotland regularly gets world class, The saying goes that there is a rideable wave in Cornwall 365 days a year as we have 3 coasts, water temps range from 6'c Brrrr up to 18'c, but do me a favor, don't tell anyone!

    5-HTP is basically a more natural alternative to Prescription Anti depressants, They create more Serotonin, instead of recycling your existing Serotonin like most chemical Pills do, I have researched them extensively and they work for most people, there are also not many interactions to worry about, the main one is not to take with prescription Anti depressants like SSRI's. They come highly recommended from many trusted sources.
    Day 6 is half way through, and although i have slept i'm still, tired so am rewarding myself with a siesta after work, as I felt great after yesterdays. One day at a time......
    Ex 25 yr user

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    Glad to hear you are doing ok!

    Funny about your junkie comment. I felt/feel the same. The MA meetings follow the same format as AA meetings. When you start your 5 minutes of talking, which is optional, you start by saying, "My name is.....and I'm a marijuana addict." It seemed veeerrrry strange to hear myself say that. I had never really felt like an addict. In fact, a year before I quit I went 3 weeks without getting high and I was totally fine. A year later, a much different story. I did not have the drama that I typically associate with addicts. My life was not spiraling out of control. Many of the testimonials at MA were quite dramatic---a nurse of 25 years lost her job and her nursing license, a guy who worked at a hotel was stealing credit card numbers to withdraw money, etc. Geez. My story was quite boring by comparison. I just really liked being high. But I was there because I needed to be. They gave little wooden tokens for each month clean and I happily took mine. Their support and reassurance that I would get past all these terrible symptoms was excellent and exactly what I needed. I think the concept of addiction has nuances and people experience it in different ways.

    Anyhoo, sorry for the ramble. It really does sound like you are on a good track. You are employed and looking forward to getting back in the waves and you seem to be a well adjusted person.

    I echo what Alice says about surfing. I live on the California coast and never really associated the UK with surfing. :-)

    Keep up the good work!

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    Day 9 here Replied to Mitchell's thread so not putting much here, I did write another post but maybe it hasn't been moderated yet, Will join now to get my 10 posts in! I still feel a bit weird Physically, but mentally I seem to have a good outlook on this addiction thing! My first yoga class in 6 weeks really helped, which was followed by a 1 hour yoga Nidra special, I crawled in and Floated out!!! Nurse has asked me to keep from getting wet till my next appointment on Monday, as I still have a small, but still open wound, I agreed as she was pretty hot (looks like the libido has returned). Going to venture out for a couple of drinks tomorrow night. will update afterwards......one day at a time......
    25 year user

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    How did the drinks go?
    Alcohol can have a way of dissolving the strongest of resolutions. Hope to hear you are still clean this Sunday :-)
    Was it fun, in any case?

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    Hey Alice,
    It was good to see a lot of friendly faces in the same place, I drove, as the venue was out in the countryside, so I only had 1 pint of beer, that I kept topping up with lemonade throughout the night, we call it 'Nursing" a pint! I do love a good Shandy though.
    Weed is 'almost' legal down here and very tolerated, with my newly improved sense of smell due to the 10 months no tobacco and now 11 days no weed, I could smell the sweetest skunk everywhere, I still love that smell and doubt that will ever change, but It was relatively easy to not want to smoke, and I didn't use of course I even gave away my last bit of bubble hash to the Birthday boy, he was stoked. That stuff used to blow my mind.
    I even refused the 'Colombian marching powder' as 'one thing leads to another', and of course... I was driving.
    I do struggle with social situations though, even sober, and my best mate is a social expert and Women's favorite, I'm not really a pick up a chick in the club kind of guy, I'm fairly good looking and fit for a 41 yr old, but I'm a bit deeper than that, and I still need to work on my confidence, I'm sure this will improve though, but the people and loud music make me slightly anxious, especially when I was high, but I have even found the social side a little easier although still prominent. I did however feel like a bit of a bore, not being high or drunk, I reckon that's down to me to change my outlook though, as I used to smoke at parties instead of drinking as I hate the hangover, and drunks irritate me.
    BUT I do have some good friends and acquaintances who are very similar to me and some had been through the same experiences with various substances, so I told a select few people what I'm going through/attempting, and got some excellent responses and a lot of back patting, a 25 year habit is not to be taken lightly, a few people even said I look different, brighter eyes, more awake and sociable etc, although some of this is probably due to my Sri Lankan tan and wearing a white T-shirt! HA!
    People were blazing and some sniffing notes all around me and I honestly think I have a good handle on this now and was only tempted for a second, before my resolve kicked in. Letting myself down and the self loathing that would follow for caving in is enough to stop me from smoking again, I'm starting to realize that I may never smoke Ganja ever again, and its not as bad a thought as it was 10 days ago if I'm honest.
    Physically I feel a bit better, the headaches have started to diminish, although my armpits are still dripping, luckily they don't smell, and mentally I'm starting to feel almost great.
    But I Still have a few issues, maybe some other forum members may have had the same
    My dreams are still going wild, 2 nights ago I had the most surreal, vivid and horrifying dream to date, I can still remember every single detail over 48 hours later. I woke up at 4.44am and was terrified to go back to sleep, although I'm glad I did as after a few hours awake, I slept again and in my next dream I met the most beautiful girl and got a Snog (or Pash as you Aussie chicks would say). Weirdly there were people who appeared in both dreams!
    And I also feel a little dumber than when I was consuming, my brain seems a bit slower to react to questions and problems, has anyone else experienced this??? Hopefully its just my brains way of re arranging its pathways as it must be in shock after 25 years of THC bombardment.
    Thanks for your concern Alice I hope your doing well, Ive been watching the Bells beach surf comp and have to say it looked cold Brrrrrrrr. I do miss Australia your very lucky to live in such an awesome place. (Cornwall is pretty RAD too though, so I guess I'm Just as lucky)
    I have an account now, so trying to get to my 10 posts ASAP so I don't need to be Moderated.
    Cheers and Gone
    25 year EX user

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