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Thread: What do you do for fun now?

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    Default What do you do for fun now?

    Since we are not getting the usual influx of dopamine now that we've quit, how do you scratch that itch?

    My biggest concern right now is how painfully bored I am. The days seem dull and uninviting... I don't feel creative, lively, or passionate about anything anymore. It's only been a few days but the blandness is adding to my depression.

    I quit for over a year before and encountered similar problems and took up drinking... it was not wise.

    I want to be able to connect with and feel inspired about the world without substances. My question is how?

    What do you guys do that gets you excited? What makes getting out of bed worth it besides doing so to maintain your standard of living?

    Maybe we can make a master list of things to do for fun while sober? I am new here by the way so I apologize if I'm breaking etiquette somehow.

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    Let's hang in there y'all

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    Hi Sadidas, yes boredom and motivation is is a problem for me 4 months into my quit but tbh i didnt feel more creative or passionate when i was stoned out of my mind and in some ways I wasnt as motivated either. Now i think more clearly and rationally.

    Keep doing the activities you found enjoyable before you quit or find new ones. Eventually youll find joy in them again. Good luck. It really is just about waiting for our brains to heal.

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    Desert Newt Cannabis Rehab Guest

    Default I do all the same things, just not high!

    Well, my activities were same before and after i quit.
    Just now, sober, i feel nothing is lost.
    I still enjoy;
    'wrenching' on engines, homes etc.

    I'm enjoying them just as much, nothing is lacking.
    used to smoke weed before, during, and after some of those activities.
    ...every hour seems right before i quit, had to smoke, to somehow enhance the experiences....

    The guitar playing hasn't come back yet.
    that was one thing that smoking weed seemed to thrive on.
    take a big bong rip and then go play guitar and sing like a stoned hippy dippy happy go lucky fool.
    Part of that is related to selling my home after 18 years and haven't settled into a new place yet.
    not having a home of my own, where i can have a music area with chair/music stand etc. is lacking.
    I have to get the guitar out and just force myself back into playing!

    That's my 3.14 cents.......yes, seems sometimes like life is boring now....being sober.
    but then again, i'd smoke and then drive to the store to go grocery shopping......everything had to be done stoned!
    glad i'm done with that after 20 years of dependency...just finished my first year sober!
    i'll drink 1 beer per day on average.....rarely two in a day......

    It's a challenge to be positive all the time, when the world seems in such a shit.
    but hang in there! It's tough but worth it!

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    Also, just while we are on the subject of trying new things VR IMO is starting to get pretty good these days, I know a lot of stoners are often into gaming too but this as an immersive experience IMO is something totally new or at least I am pretty impressed with what I have experienced so far, I am using an Occulus Quest, it's also a lot of fun to show others and let them try it for the first time and can also be quite social and interactive both with other VR users and with the people around you, everyone I have showed it seems to like it. I am sure at some point there will probably be some kind of VR rehab but it's all still in it's early days ATM. Anyway it's just something I quite like and a great thing to do while sober, while still experiencing escapism, etc.
    Cannabis Rehab Admin

    If you wish to Use then Use, Your Body Your Choice, You're NOT a Criminal and I wish you well!

    My Choice is to be Drug Rehabilitated for 13 years because I Chose to be free from its Control on me!

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    Congrats on one year Desert Newt - that is amazing.
    With regard to your guitar playing I think you are right about sometime soon just sitting yourself down and doing it even if you don't feel like it. The same thing happened to me with dancing and while I don't often seek out dancing, when I get the opportunity at a nightclub or something, I actually enjoy dancing a lot more than I ever did!

    Thanks for the info with regard to VR Admin, that is interesting!

    Good luck OP. Keep up the good fight!

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