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Thread: Anxiety Sore Throat Phlem 24/7 sweaty hands feet

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    Default Anxiety Sore Throat Phlem 24/7 sweaty hands feet

    so heres my story...

    im 27 years old always been pretty healthy.

    i quit about ~2-2.5weeks ago

    Current smoker for 6 months every day 2-3 big bowls i could stay high all day because the weed i got was very strong 27% well to me its strong.

    because i got a upper respiratory infection
    i had a sore throat runny nose tired phlem even a ear infection so i had antibiotics for a week amoxicillin.
    at one point i had like yellow/ orange mucus when i blew my nose in shower and for the next few day i had that it kinda freaked me out.

    so i started to feel better but noticed in the car my hands and feet were getting so sweaty as i type my hands and feet are so sweaty all the time constantly and that has been happening for a week.

    and i cough in the morning and theres still some phlem i saw little bit of blood but just streaks then it went away.

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    Also I have been loosing weight the past 2 weeks lost like ~10lbs yesterday i was at 164lb and today at 162lb. and feel that im gonna continue losing weight because im sweating from hand feet all day it comes and goes maybe its anxiety??

    im just worried thats its a bad Virus or Disease because this has never happen to me..

    could it just be withdrawls im experiencing??
    still waiting on my labs from the Doctor but im just worried about my health it really affecting me and im like researching so much.

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    Default I hear ya

    I am nearly 4 weeks in and I have sweaty feet and anxiety. Killer anxiety. Don't worry, you are ok. The Anxiety can make you obsessed about every ache and pain. Instead of feeling bad and lost, try to look at the positive. Some people are having panic attacks and way worse symptoms (not trying to minimize what you're going through just trying to express something positive) so you are going to be ok. You can do it, you're doing the right thing even if it's tough

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