Hi all - I’ve really appreciated reading about everyone’s experience, as there are such limited resources for understanding withdrawal experiences. One common issue that I’m experiencing is an uncertainty that my symptoms are related to withdrawal (and that I just need to be patient) or if they are a signal of something else (that I need to address).

I stopped almost a month ago, in the midst of a sinus infection. Immediately after, I experienced some of the classic withdrawal symptoms (restless sleep, vivid dreams, fogginess and sluggishness) most of which subsided in the first two weeks. I haven’t had a ton of emotional issues, but I’ve always suffered anxiety and depression, and have been actively managing it, so that may have helped.

What remains, though, are specific symptoms that aren’t getting better. I have had tinnitus in my ear(s)/head, and a sense of what I can best describe as pressure in my head, primarily the back. One way to describe it is like that sensation you get with a hangover, not quite painful but a sort of pressure through the back of head and neck. Also, my sinuses and throat are really dry.

Anyone have any experiences with these specific type of symptoms?

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