This may be a potentially somewhat controversial approach in the eyes of some or will at least probably significantly divide opinion as does everything when it comes to both using drugs and marijuana including recovering from addiction, however in the interests of approaching the issue in a way that offers the most effective treatments possible for marijuana addiction and drug detox/withdrawal as a whole then I think it's justifiable to consider this as an option at least for those who are willing to try it and whom may get some benefit especially if it helps them to quit not just cannabis but potentially harder drugs also.

I should also probably add that what these articles are proposing is the treatment of addiction to marijuana and other substances with specially extracted properties of the cannabis plant known as CBD's which are a very different thing to the form of cannabis and marijuana that has brought many here to the situation they are currently in. It is NOT merely continuing to use the same drug that people have become addicted to but simply in a different form, the CBD's (cannabinoids) in the oils, tablets/capsules or other products that contain them do not also include any significant amounts of the THC that other forms of cannabis such as the homegrown or street version of the drug does, (if from a legitimate THC free source, with the exception of small trace amounts).

As you may have heard me say before in reference to this issue CBD's are a very different substance to THC and not only do NOT get you high but also can have the exact opposite effect to THC in terms of the certain specific results they produce, for example, rather than potentially inducing psychosis and anxiety-like THC can CBD's can actually have a calming/anti-anxiety and anti-psychotic effect.

Hence the two forms of these extremely different chemicals that are both contained within cannabis cannot really be compared, they really are two very different things. CDB based products are also legal in many countries including the UK in which I am currently based, I believe they are legal in much of the USA, Canada, and Australia too.

So, take a look and see what you think of the following articles and please feel free to discuss. I personally feel such new uses of CBD's (with minimal trace amounts of THC in the product) hold enormous medicinal potential for all kinds of problems from mental health issues such as anxiety and depression to addiction, not only of marijuana its self but also much harder drugs like opiates, amphetamines, alcohol even nicotine which after all kill many many people. There is even the potential for pain management/control of numerous other life-debilitating conditions so IMO one really should keep an open mind in regards to the uses of such new CBD based products.

We all know cannabis is a complex plant that has many medicinal properties, some positive and some negative but when the right properties are extracted in the correct way it may well be the key to unlocking the beneficial properties without so many of the negative effects, at least in the case of for some.

Anyway, I am interested to know what you folks think and even more interested to hear if anyone has used CBD's either for marijuana addiction or even any other reason but am especially interested in regards to drug addiction withdrawal and recovery for both marijuana and other drugs, the potential to help this massive problem really has pricked my curiosity and may be of great importance.

I am however aware that asking for experiences using any cannabinoid-based products is quite literally inviting an avalanche of spam/shill responses from users who are only here to do nothing but promote a certain brand or product and while it's not that we would want to deny our users the opportunity of giving and receiving genuine recommendations, in fact, getting a good supply apparently is crucial in order to obtain the right quality product however we really don't want to attract anyone posting who is only here for that particular reason and hence whose motives in their recommendation are potentially questionable. I only want the best of info shared in regards to this issue and people just wanting to shill a particular brand does not IMO as moderator qualify.

I dare say I am probably going to have to give this issue, in particular, some additional thought as to how best to handle it but in the meantime, I won't approve any posts recommending any particular brand or supplier from users with a post count less than 20 as a means of avoiding this issue.

For assistance with finding a reputable and accredited Marijuana Rehab Service Provider in the USA you can call the US Government’s FREE SAMHSA’s National Helpline on:

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